Christmas: Stress Less- Part 3 (December)


Well, we’re getting down to the knitty gritty…it’s December!! If you’ve been following along, I’ve been guiding you through a slow journey to get ready for Christmas- hopefully it’s been helpful!!  Here are your assignments for this month!

Week 1

  • Draft Christmas letter
  • Print letter & photo
  • Write down Holiday activities on your calendar
  • Check for clothing needed- according to your activities.  (Work party, ugly sweater, Christmas pjs)

Week 2

  • Help kids buy and wrap presents
  • Shop for non perishable grocery items
  • Order specialty meats

Week 3

  • Choose your fresh tree
  • Wrap gifts
  • Address & Mail cards
  • Deep clean fridge

Week 4

  • Deliver teacher/neighbor gifts
  • Shop for perishable groceries
  • Gather serving pieces for the meal
  • Charge cameras/ purchase a new memory card if needed

Week 5

  • Shop the sales
  • Take down Christmas decor
  • Decorate with Winter decor
  • Review Christmas 2016 and take note of any changes you want to make

May you have PEACE and JOY this holiday season!!!


  1. Sue Mackey says:

    You always have such good ideas. So proud of you and all you accomplish….