Organized Teen Boy Closet



Today I’m inviting you into my son’s closet.  Don’t worry, it’s not dark and scary- it’s usually clean-ish. (emphasis on the “ish”) When moving into this home almost a year ago, we purged a  lot of “stuff.”  As with many boys his age (17) he is mostly low maintenance, doesn’t want anything too frilly or complicated but just wants clean clothes to wear and a bed to sleep in! I was watching one of my favorite You tubers, “How Jen Does It” and she has 2 teen boys and had organized their closets in such a simple way that made sense so I decided to be a copy cat and duplicate her idea.  The system has been implemented for almost a year now and I have to say that it is working really well!

Here’s the set up.  My son has what they call a “reach in” closet as opposed to a “walk in” closet.  Here are the items from left to right.

On the bottom you will see memory boxes, rolling hamper for darks, basket for whites and a place that he stores his gym bag.

Hanging clothes are organized by type: Work/dress up clothes- belts & ties too, long sleeved shirts, tee shirts, polo shirts, hoodies

Top shelf is card games, dark socks, white tee shirts, pjs, white socks, slippers, jeans/sweat pants and a few board games.

*He does have undergarments in his nightstand table, shorts- both athletic, cargo & swim suit in the built in drawers at the bottom of his bed and he keeps his shower towel on a hook in the bathroom.

*His shoes are kept on a shelf in the garage

*All bins were purchased at Target with the exception of the rolling white hamper- I found it at Wal-mart.

*I took the time to label things for him so when he does his laundry, he knows where things go.  I’m sure he thinks I’m a labeling freak! (he’s right!) He could probably “lose” the labels now and he still would be able to function!


Keep in mind that the picture above is his closet in a perfect state…. Honestly, it doesn’t look like that most of the time.   A more accurate picture is below….. clean clothes in the hamper (not put away,) and dirty clothes in the closet where the hamper should be!!!  Just keepin’ it real here!!



Click below to see the complete video tour!!

Have a SUPER weekend!!!

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  1. Nice job on the video. You did a fantastic job. Waiting for the girlie closet next!! Is that labeling thing genetic??? Just kidding. You can be proud that you figured out the video taping, the editing and the music. Love the drawers in the bed. I didn’t know that bed had drawers. Yep! You learn something new every day! Woot!