Jill’s Baking Tips: Frosting


I had quite the dilemma earlier this week.  A dilemma as in “first world problem” dilemma, but certainly a dilemma.

Here goes…..I made a yellow cake (just a box mix) and I only had a little bit of chocolate frosting left because we had cracked open the frosting can the night before while making s’mores.  Well, as I peered into the plastic can of chocolaty goodness, I decided that this little bit of frosting just wasn’t going to cover this whole giant 9 x 13 cake!  Gasp! Who would possibly want to eat half a cake with no frosting??  Not ME!!

I happened to call upon my best friend, Google, and found a little tip that just saved the day!! You won’t need any fancy ingredients or special tools.  Just a mixer and a bowl !



Start by putting the little frosting that you have in a bowl.  See what I mean? This wasn’t going to cover that cake!


Turn your mixer on a high speed and whip that frosting for a good two minutes.  Wiggle the beaters around in the bowl so every little bit of frosting gets whipped.


This process simply adds air to the frosting, making it a little lighter and “pumps up” the volume!  (I’ll try not to sing.)  See how the frosting has doubled in size?  It still tastes good and you have just saved gas money, cash and time because you didn’t have to run to the grocery store!


Slathering the frosting on the cake is my favorite part.  Well, except for the crazy pattern that the knife left on top of the cake.  I’m not sure why that bothers me, but I found another tip to help with an imperfect frosting-spreading job.


Take a fork, and make diagonal stripes on the cake!  Make sure the tines on the fork are pointing UP- I learned that mistake the hard way.  It looked as if a farming implement had come through the cake-OOOps!  No worries, I recovered!

That’s it! Add some sprinkles or m&m’s and a few candles and you’re good to go!!  Now, LET’S EAT CAKE!!


Wishing you a safe and fun weekend!!

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  1. Sue Treu says:

    I’ve done that before when I’ve frosted brownies for Gary – it works quite well! 🙂 I like the ‘decorating’ tip about the fork – looks great!

  2. Sue Mackey says:

    Ya done good, girlfriend. The cake looks mighty tasty.