My 5 “Must Have” Kitchen Appliances


I’m one of those weird people who actually like to cook!  Now don’t get me wrong, I won’t refuse a chance to have a break and go out for dinner or let someone else cook!  My kids have actually been asking to cook dinner once in awhile….I think they’ve caught “the cooking bug.”  As much as they say they want to cook dinner, it usually helps if they are actually home a little before dinner to make the meal for our family of five. I don’t “wing it” very well when I have to whip up a dinner in 15 minutes when the meat is still frozen. Imagine that!  So…..Today, I’m sharing my 5 must have kitchen appliances!

Oh dear Crock Pot, how I LOVE YOU!!!  You make my life so much easier!  I can trust you and count on you to cook dinner when I’m out running around, just getting things done.  You’ll be there for me in the Summer when it’s hot out, and you won’t even heat up the house.  We lean on you, too, to keep our Christmas ham warm while we finish up peeling the 10 pounds of potatoes for the BIG meal.  I will always have a Crock Pot- and in a few different sizes!  This one is my favorite though!

Crock Pot

Dear toaster, sadly, you are worn out and overused. Please don’t let those scratches, burns and smears get you down.  Those are battle scars and you are a faithful warrior!  Thanks for incubating and heating our toast, waffles and english muffins perfectly!


Dear Nutribullet, you are the ultimate mix-master!  You have so much potential! The way you mix that frozen fruit and swirl the ingredients together makes me want to call you the “Fruit Tornado!” I know a certain 14 year old girl that appreciates you almost on a daily basis!


Dear giant Griddle, please don’t feel ignored or left out because we only use you once a week (on Saturdays!)  You bring joy to our busy lives as we relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor- pancakes!!  Not only do you supply what we need on Saturdays, you easily pump out a double batch, cooked to perfection so we can freeze the rest and eat them for the rest of the week!


Dear Kitchen Aid Mixer,  you have been with me and stood by my side every day of my marriage. Your pinkness puts a smile on my face when I see you. You deserve a spot of distinction on my kitchen counter, but you know that I don’t like many things on the counter. You’ve mixed countless numbers of cookies and you’ve seen my many embarrassing attempts at making homemade bread. (I’m so glad that you can’t talk or laugh!) I can’t imagine living my life without you!


Alright, I’ve shared my five….let me hear about yours in the comments!!

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  1. Crock pot is a God send on days I work. The Kitchen Aid, I had mine for years until it broke beyond repair and haven’t replaced it yet. The blender probably gets the most use too because we love us a smoothie around here. I have to say my most favorite of all in my kitchen arsenal is my immersion blender. Perfect and easy to purée soups and sauces. Love seeing how others navigate the kitchen goodies too.

  2. Sue Mackey says:

    Enjoyed this so much. The photos were beautiful and your humor made me laugh. I, too, love my Kitchen-Aid Mixer. I use my food processor quite a bit, but mostly for home-made noodles…and that brings up favorite #3….My noodle roller. Oh what time and labor it does save. I am still loving to use my teflon skillets. So easy to clean. And my last favorite gadget might just be the manual potato peeler that peels potatoes easily and quickly. Have to be careful, thought, or I peel a hunk of skin or a fingernail. Yes, it is very sharp. Nice blog, girlfriend. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lee Hauser says:

    Jill, you’re talking to kitchen appliances. Hmmmmm….there must be a medical term for that somewhere.
    Anyway, mine is the refrigerator. Stocked, of course!

  4. Sue German says:

    How did the coffee maker not make the top 5?!! (Gasp). Unless I would consider toothpicks to hold the eyelids open in the morning, coffee and my Hamiton Beach makes-a-pot-at-a-time coffee maker is my kitchen super friend.