Week in Review- July 4th Weekend, 2016

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July is here and I’m still wondering where June went!! This summer is the fastest yet!!  Our holiday weekend started on Friday night, as we fulfilled a promise to one of our sons to try “Pho.” (pronounced “fuh”) Let me tell you, it was way out of my comfort zone eating-wise, but it was pretty good!  Pho is a Vietnamese food/soup made with noodles and usually a protein of your choice.  My choice was shrimp, but others tried beef, meatballs, tendon and squid. The photo in the lower right shows the condiments that you could add to your pho- bean sprouts, jalapeno peppers, lime and fresh basil. Some in the group added Sriracha sauce to make things spicy!!  If nothing else, the restaurant name made me laugh!! (so naughty!)PicMonkey Collage-Pho

Saturday, we got a slow start and really enjoyed our morning just hanging out in our jammies, reading and relaxing! The highlight for me was having my parents over for dinner and grilling out.  Hubby did a great job on the steaks and it was so fun just being together! Steak, Watermelon, Potato Salad and Grilled Veggies!!


Sunday was MEGA productive with just the right amount of fun mixed in!  We managed to clean up the part of the garage that was really messy and driving me CrAzY- OH, what a relief, and then we relaxed in the afternoon at the pool.


Golfing was on the list for Monday.  Hubby and one of my sons spent the late morning and most of the afternoon at the golf course, enjoying the beautiful weather and good company.  Sweet Pea went to a friend’s house for most of the day and then went to watch fireworks with their family!  I played on the computer for awhile, read a little and then had a little snooze.  My Dad calls it “checking the inside of your eyelids!” Even though our family didn’t go to any fireworks or parades, we discovered that we could see at least four displays from surrounding towns, just by looking out different windows in our house! Fabulous!!

As you can tell, most of my family members are introverts, wanting to enjoy the quietness of home. I posted this on my facebook wall this week…



One friend wrote on my Facebook page “Introverts Unite!!- we could form a support group for introverts, but no one would show up!”  Oh, that made me laugh!!!

If you want to see more of my weekend, you can find the video below!!

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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Loved it all. Thanks for the invite to the steak cookout. So much fun and I love my family so much. It was a beautiful week-end, weather-wise and so glad that your family enjoyed doing what they chose to do. Thanks again…Love the photos and the video.