Summer Favorites 2016

PicMonkey Collage-favSummertime!!  It’s finally here!  We have a chance to sleep in, rest our brains (and our schedules) and dip our toes in the pool!! School has been out for less than a week and we’re already feeling more relaxed and CHILL.  Over the next week or so, we’ll be making our summer bucket list which helps us to make memories and not just be slugs all summer!!

Today I’m sharing some of my Summer favorites!  First up is this purse made by Relic.  I immediately fell in love with the print and it has so many nice neutral colors, so I can carry it all Summer long!  I found it at Kohl’s on sale and then I used my 20 % off coupon- boom!  I’m very rough on purses, so I don’t purchase the expensive ones, and I usually only carry it for one season before it gets all tired and worn out!


My ongoing laundry favorite for the past 3 years has been this laundry detergent from Norwex.  I love that it’s a powder and I only have to use a teaspoon, so this bag will last a long time!  Let’s not forget to mention that it’s fragrance free and oh so gentle on those of us with sensitive skin!

If you want to have a great party this Summer, you need to buy this game- Spikeball!  We first saw this game on the tv show, Shark Tank, and were intrigued by the concept.  The game consists of a round trampoline-ish net and a small ball. As I looked up this game on Amazon, I saw that the concept of this game is “if volleyball and four square had a baby.” Well, there ya go.  That’s about the best definition of this game that I could find! It’s pricey, but WORTH IT!


When you’re playing Spikeball or any other activity outside, I try to get some sunscreen on.  Wish I would have known about the dangers of being in the sun for hours back in the 1980’s when I was a teenager! I’m constantly trying to hide those sun spots on my face now…grrr.

This has been my favorite sun screen (especially for my face) for the past few years.  It’s not oily or too smelly, but has just the right light weight coverage to protect my skin. The “dry touch” feature is the thing I like and the fact that it comes in many different SPF levels is a plus!


And last, but not least!  I love watching my kids have a more slowed down schedule. Watching my daughter make pancakes in the morning for everyone and seeing my sons’ smiles as they come in from an evening of playing disc golf.  I also look forward to hubby lighting up the grill on Sunday nights and fixing up his chicken and grilled veggies!

Bring on Summer!!!

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Happy Weekend!!

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  1. I’m in need of a good sunscreen. I don’t like the greasy feel so I get lazy about putting it on. I love all Neutrogena products so you bet I’ll be checking this out. Thanks for the review. Appreciate you linking to the Summer theme this week.

  2. Sue Mackey says:

    Very nice post. Love all of your photos and your helpful hints, too. Spikeball does look like a lot of fun. Plus you get some good exercise. Keep up the good work with this blog. I will be looking forward to more fun ideas and activities for summer. Enjoy!