Week in Review- May 20, 2016

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It’s been a busy week here!!  May is always busy!!  After a full day of golf with his team last Saturday in the rain and snow, son #3 hopped in the bathtub to get warm, got dressed and was off to Prom!  He didn’t take a date, but instead met friends for dinner and then the dance.  Here’s a picture he so generously let me snap as he said “Make it quick, I gotta go!”

Let’s just acknowledge the fact that guys are so different than girls when getting ready for a dance! We didn’t purchase anything new and he took a total of 20 minutes to get ready!!!


The beginning of the week brought a concrete company out to frame up and pour our driveway.  It was an amazing process to watch, but the furry supervisor got a little bored and fell asleep on the job shortly after it started.

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Although I will love having a new driveway, the highlight of the week for me is having these lovelies back for the season!  I’m thrilled that they have found our feeder at the new house!


Son #3 also had his Spring choir concert- it was mostly done A Capella- some of the harmonies gave me chills! It was so beautiful! Here he is with his little sister! She will be going to the same high school next year!


Because I was home so much this week, I always had puppy dog eyes looking at me, wanting to play!  I was happy to oblige!

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I also tackled the laundry!  Oh, how I dislike folding whites!!!  It’s so putzy!


As the workers poured the steps on our patio, our furry security team seemed to be either guarding the door OR totally unimpressed….not sure which!!



Hope you had a great week!  xoxo

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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Just wanted to say that #3 son surely did look handsome for the prom. Hope he had a great time. I know that you ALL will be happy to have your new drive-way finished. It sure does look nice and neat. Having the orioles reappear (assuming that they are the same as at the former house) must be so rewarding. We were happy to see a pair of cardinals and a goldfinch in our yard this week. Sorry to have missed the concert. But happy to see the videos. Nice job, #3 son! And you and your pretty little sister look happy in the photo! I do so love your “pups”. They are so photogenic. Huggable pups, indeed. And I would fold your whites for you. I used to enjoy matching the white socks, remember. Loved the last photo…with the watch dogs. On guard!

  2. Lovely birds! We tried putting out oranges last year but the only thing we attracted was bugs. We’ll try again this year… in a different spot.

    • Yes! Keep trying!! I feel like the oranges attract the birds and then they really like the grape jelly!! We always attract ants when we put out our hummingbird feeders- ewww!! Thanks for stopping by!