Week in Review- May 6, 2016

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Golf and sun, sun and golf- that’s mostly what this post is about this week.  Son #3 has spent a fair amount of time after school on the golf course, playing with his high school team.  He is LOVING the outdoors, perfecting his game AND working on his golfer’s tan!

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Last week, Hubby took the week off and went on a guy’s golf trip.  He loved reminding me just how beautiful it was there by sending daily pictures of the ocean and the beautiful sunsets and lots of seafood.  I proudly shot back pictures of our clouds and the raindrops that had collected on the window screens.  I spared him the shots of the dog doo that was building up on our makeshift dog run, a.k.a. patio in back of our house.  Aren’t I sweet?

I was surprised to see the alligator on the golf course though….better not hit your ball over there- CHOMP!!

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Speaking of patios, we are going to have one here at the new house… some time soon.  Our landscaper came out early in the week and discussed options and gave us some really good ideas. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent on Pinterest, looking up patio ideas!! I’m pretty sure none of these plans include dogs using the patio as a restroom- Yay!!


This girl was a hot mess until she went to the groomer this week.  Now she smells so good and her mustache is all tamed and cleaned up. It’s a good thing that she is cute.  While hubby was gone, she woke me up consistently at 5 am each morning, raring to go!!  I guess it was my fault for letting her sleep in my bed!!!  Oh, how I love my Minnie Moo!


Sweet Pea has her 8th grade graduation coming up next month so we spent some time and lots of steps at the mall on the hunt for the perfect dress…not “prom dress-ish,” not fancy, but simple and can be dressed up with a statement necklace.  Yes, we found the perfect dress…and for under $50- Score! We celebrated with a stop at Cinnabon….we’re naughty, but we have fun!!!

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Stay tuned next week for another addition in my “Puppy Picks” series!

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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Thanks for sharing. So many beautiful pictures. Good luck with your golf, Mr. Number 3 son. Glad your husband had a get-away and happy that he arrived safely after avoiding the alligator. Could Minn be any cuter? and how about “them” cinnabons! Woo Hoo!