My Sports Mom’s Survival Bag!


survival bag

Now that the snow is gone and we can see the grass, many sports teams are starting to practice and some are even playing!!  This amazing idea came from my sweet friend, Wendy.  She has a son that was very involved in baseball and she was the Team Mom.

My own four kids were very involved in sports and I decided to copy her idea and carry my own Survival Bag.  I can’t tell you how many times I used the items from this bag during baseball/softball games.  At the beginning of the season, I would always let the coaches know that I had this bag with me, and quite a few times it came in VERY handy!!  In one particularly bad game, a player got hit in the nose with a baseball and you can imagine the blood that was flowing.  I gave the red towel to the coach to use to hold on his nose, and you could hardly see how much blood was coming out because it blended right in with the towel.  I think the player may have been freaked out a little seeing all of the blood if he had used any other colored towel!

Anywhoooo, if you have a child who plays sports, you might want to make one of these bags yourself – you never know when you can help someone out!!!

Here’s what I included in my bag…

bandaids- all sizes / butterfly bandaids

wet wipes- for dirty faces and sticky hands

tweezers- “part of the bench is stuck in my finger!”

scissors- for cutting a string or athletic tape

finger splints

first aid cleansing spray

gauze/athletic tape

latex free gloves

cold packs

Tums- sometimes that concession food doesn’t agree




antibiotic cream

bee sting ointment

nail file


eye drops- because the dust blows, my friends!

chapstick- “my lips hurt real bad.”- Napoleon Dynamite

toilet paper- it’s a bad thing when the restroom has run out!

red washcloth or towel- bloody injuries can be disguised


bug spray

sunscreen- don’t forget to apply to the tops of your feet and knees!

cough drops


hair ties- hopefully the boys will not need these!

granola bars

water bottles

permanent marker- who’s hat is this??

shout wipes- to clean up a ketchup drip on white uniform pants!


I’m sure that I am forgetting some items, so feel free to add what best suits your situation!!   Good luck to your teams this Spring!!!  See you next week where I will be sharing a yummy breakfast recipe!!

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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Lots of good ideas there. I know that you were appreciated in time of need. The red towel is an excellent idea. Some people don’t handle the blood situation very well. Well done!

  2. Been there, done that! When my girls played sports, I was always the mom the kids came to for stuff. Your list is awesome! This makes me wish for those times back!

    • This will be the first year that no one is playing a summer sport….kinda makes me sad too!! I won’t miss sitting out in the rain and cold though! Ha!!

  3. I was a team manager for the boys lacrosse team in HS and this would have been such a life saver then! Now that I have 2 boys of my own, I know one day I’ll be needing this!