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Do you ever have so much information in your head that you feel like your head might just blow off??  Yep, that was me for years, and it’s not a pretty look!  Keeping track of the “happenings” in our family as well as the homemaking tasks were made so much easier with a planner, a.k.a. my brain!  My planner hasn’t always been this complicated, but I’ve found a way that fits my needs and is FUN too!

Apparently there is a whole “Planner Nation” out there on social media that shares their planner set ups and all of their elaborate decorations.  I’m only beginning to explore & implement some of their brilliant ideas!  I think scrapbookers are especially fond of decorating their planners, but I like a more simple look with lots of white space. It makes my head feel better to see that I actually DO have free time and I can locate it quickly!  Ya never know when you’re gonna get a lunch invitation!


Here’s a close up of the beginning of my week.  You’ll notice various tasks that I have to do for the day as part of maintenance of our house and also stickers that represent appointments or events that are happening at our house.  Check out Tuesday… I had a hair appointment – a MUCH NEEDED hair appointment- Halleleuia! I’m sort of blonde again- now bring on some warmer temps!!

Here are some examples of things I track in my planner….


Weather temps -highs and lows:  As I’m filling out my week, I usually check my phone for the weather in our area.  It’s always good to have fair warning if the weather takes a turn and I need to shave my legs to wear capris!! Or to warn my son that it’s probably not a good idea to wear shorts to school because it’s going to be 12 degrees out. Stickers are totally optional here- just a fun add on!

Any on-going plans or vacation: This week was Spring Break for my kiddoes, so I documented that with a strip of washi tape at the top of the page.  Seeing the strip reminds me to be quiet in the morning as not wake up the sleeping angels in the house! After 9am though, no promises!!

Appointments or Events: I use various sized stickers to indicate an appointment or plans here at home. I have a few personalized stickers, but I haven’t spent a fortune ordering custom stickers- YET. =)   Some of the stickers actually came with the planner itself-score!

Events that happen every week: Yes, I’m obsessed with the tv show Survivor right now and it’s important enough to remind myself when it’s on!  Occasions such as church, music lessons, garbage day (!!) or sports practices fall into this category.

Weekend: I try to use a banner sticker to separate the weekend from the week.  It’s pretty colorful, too!! It makes me happy and reminds me that the family will be home and we can plan fun things to do together!

Meal Plan: I like to use the lines at the bottom of the page for meal planning. I don’t get upset if I don’t eat the meal on the exact day, it just gives me a rough idea what meals we will eat during the week!

Cleaning Tasks: Under the day of the week, I like to remind myself what cleaning task I should do that day.  I like to do a little everyday instead of a BIG clean once a week!

Laundry tasks: Laundry is an almost daily task at our house and it’s a chore I really don’t mind.  Where we live, we’re on a well, so doing a load a day is nice and easy on our well & septic system.  My favorite thing to wash???  TOWELS!! The worst??  WHITES!!

Side bar-  To Do’s and Grocery List Starter: On Sunday, I brainstorm a list of things that need to get done or things I WANT to do.  It’s not usually an extensive list, but important to write down those tasks. Once they are written down, I schedule them into my week on a day when I have time.  Many “list makers” like to check things off the list and so they make a check box next to the item.  I’m more of a “crosser-outer” kinda gal so I end up crossing the task off the list once it is scheduled in the week. Lastly, at the bottom of the sidebar, I have a mini grocery list so as I run out of things during the week, I know what to add to my master list on Saturday. The kids even know to add food that they might want too!

You don’t necessarily need a complicated planner like my Erin Condren Life Planner.  Any planner will work!  You can find great planners at Wal-mart, Target or any office supply store. If you decide to become a planner nerd like me, please let me know- we can start a support group!!  Ha!!!

See you next week!!

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