Week in Review- March 11, 2016

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I know you’ll be surprised  that my post this week is primarily about basketball and food, but this is our life right now…are you ready???   We were nearing the end of son #3’s basketball season and each family is supposed to “feed the team” a pasta dinner the night before a game and last week was our turn.  I have to tell ya, the thought of feeding 15 seventeen & eighteen year old young men right after a basketball practice was pretty intimidating.  I know how my son can eat, let alone 14 more!!

After thorough planning, grocery shopping and preparing, the night finally came and I got the text from my son that the team was on the way to our house!! With a deep breath and a prayer, I welcomed in the group!!  I won’t show faces, but here are their shoes! Weren’t they all so polite to take their shoes off??


I must give you fair warning….what you are seeing is CARB OVERLOAD…that is the point of this meal.  Get lots of carbs into their bellies so they will have fuel for the game the next day!!  Here’s what was on the menu:  An 18 quart roaster full of mostaccioli, mac n cheese, green bean casserole, rolls, garlic bread, caramel brownies and white chocolate chip cookies!  Thankfully, my Mom helped with the meal too- she is an amazing bread baker!!  Oh, yes, can’t forget the 3 gallons of chocolate milk, 1 gallon of white milk and plenty of water bottles.

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Forty five minutes later, here’s the aftermath !  Whew, I made enough!! The young men left with smiles on their faces and full bellies- that was the GOAL!  Yay!!

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Sadly, the season ended after 2 playoff games this week and we attended the  year end basketball banquet, where Son #3 earned his Varsity letter!  I’m amazed by the time and energy these young men put into the long season- it’s tough physically and mentally!!  Feeling so thankful for the fun memories of a great season!


Maybe I’m a little silly, but animals are members of our family and our girl, Bella, celebrated her 9th birthday this week!  I supposed I should have bought her a frosty paw as a treat but instead I took her for a nice long walk- certainly a treat for her! As our dogs get older, I’m finding that it’s the sniffing that is important, not the length of the walk! Happy Birthday, sweet Bella!


SweetPea is now officially used to her braces and is looking like a teenager- maybe she won’t get offered the kids meal at restaurants anymore!!!


It was a great end to the week by enjoying God’s beautiful painting in the sky and hearing the geese honking as they are heading back into our area! Have a great weekend!!!

Stay tuned next week when I share my Ooey, Gooey Chex Mix recipe!!


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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    What a marvelous feed and what a bunch of shoes. So happy to know that you fed those fine young men and that they enjoyed it all. We are grateful for all of their hard work during this exciting season. Thanks, guys and especially to Grandson #3. and congrats on the LETTER! Hopefully Sweetpea will NOT be given the kids menu now. Nice braces, girlfriend. Happy Birthday to a very special family member, Bella! She is very special. Love the sunset photo. We have had some very pretty sunsets this late winter. Keep posting. I love all your photos and your stories…….

  2. I love and look forward to your week in reviews each week. You always post the right amount of what happened without being “braggy”. (for lack of a better word) It is refreshing to read your posts each week. Keep up the good work!

  3. Sharing you on Instagram for my Monday feature from Party at My Place linkup.