Week in Review- 1-28-2016

PicMonkey Collage-thumb

This girl had the day off of school this week and she sure took advantage of it!  Sleeping in til 9:00, watching some youtube videos, making a big healthy breakfast and just hanging out was the theme for the day! Yes, she gasped when she heard me snap a picture!


IMG_1469 [1868680]

I surprised her this week when I was shopping Target (my fav!) and found this book that she’s been wanting to pre-order on Amazon.  Kudos to my brain for remembering the title and author!  So many books to read and so little time!! Apparently, this is a great series- her friends are now lining up to borrow it and read it next!

IMG_1441 [1871572]

Lunch out with friends was AMAZING and this just topped the cake – the restaurant bathroom!  Loved the signs!  My favorite was “Laugh until you tinkle your panties!”  Feel free to click on the photo to enlarge the picture to read some of the signs!

PicMonkey Collage-br

I did a little dog sitting this week for these 2 cuties!  The one on the right LOVES the Kong Frisbee!  She chased that thing into the snow, into the woods and right across the driveway! The other one just liked to walk around and eat snow.  I made sure it wasn’t the yellow snow!!

IMG_0261 [1866124]

Meanwhile, back on the hill, Bella made sure that her kingdom was squirrel, crow, airplane  and garbage truck free!  We’re in good hands with her monitoring things!!  Yes, little Minnie was patrolling too!!  I was hoping she could chase the clouds away so we could get a little more sunshine!!

IMG_1477 [1866298]

See you next week!



  1. Sue Mackey says:

    I love all of your fantastic photos. Especially Sweet Pea’s photo. The bathroom signs were very creative and funny. Gives you something to do while you are tending your business. Frick and Frack look as if they enjoy their entertaining babysitter. Always love your pups, too! Thanks for sharing……..(Frick and Frack are made-up names to protect the innocent!) =)