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Hello friends!  I’m switching things up a bit this week!  I’ve noticed that this time of the year is stressful and hectic for me and I’m looking for ways to calm myself and make life a little less “bumpy.”  For me, a cluttered space makes for a cluttered mind, so I decided to streamline some of the areas in my house to be more pleasing to the eye, therefore easing my mental stress too.  This week I worked on my shower.  As you may or may not know, we built and moved into our new home just a couple of months ago.  This move was a great opportunity to clean out and clear out the clutter.

I really was intentional in planning what I wanted in my shower to get ready in the morning.  Let’s take a peek into my shower….

Here’s the entrance to my shower.  Did you notice that we don’t have a shower door?  Yes, that was intentional.  Those water spots on the glass would have driven me crazy!  So, no cleaning involved there!  (simplify)Towels are hanging on hooks right outside the shower, no fancy folding that has to be done! (simplify)


As you step into the shower you take an immediate right turn and walk a few steps, you will find the shower heads. You’ll immediately notice a second shower head that is removable- this is great for bathing our dog AND when the shower has to be cleaned, it can be used to rinse the walls. I love multipurpose tools!


As Dr. Phil says, I “got real” in thinking about the items that I use on a frequent basis and decided to try showering with just those items in the bathroom stall.  Here’s what I came up with… Here’s what’s on my shower ledge (great for resting your leg while shaving, by the way)

Shampoo– notice that I got the pump? Yep, it saves time in the morning! (simplify) Since I have short hair, I don’t feel that I need a conditioner.

Facewash-  I probably could get away with using my soap to wash with, but I just love this cleanser!



Now let’s take a look at the 2 ledges that flank the permanent shower head.

Razors- Can you tell which one is mine?  hehehe!  No need for shaving cream- soap can be used!! (simplify)

Soap- We choose to use a bar of soap instead of body wash.  To simplify even more we could use a combination body/hair wash to cleanse!


When we were choosing a color for the ledges, we learned our lesson from our last house- choose a light color so soap scum doesn’t show!! It may NOT be clean, but it looks clean!  By having just a few things to move when I want to clean is so much easier than moving the many things I previously had in my shower. (simplify)


A simple, brown bath mat sits just outside of the shower.  Easy to pick up, move to vacuum or to just throw in the wash. It works for us!!


As much as I LOVE this process of simplifying, others in my house DON’T, as indicated by this picture of her shower!  Shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash, facial brush, soap and razor- all on one ledge!  To each their own, right???


Thanks for stopping by!  Hope this post was helpful if YOU want to simplify!!  I will bring you on this journey with me because I have waaaaay too much stuff!!

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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    It all looks so neat and organized. Love the colors, too. Your photos, as usual, are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.