Week in Review- Thanksgiving Edition 2015

PicMonkey Collage-thanks

Another Thanksgiving and many, many things to be thankful for!! The joy started at our house as son #2 came home from college on Wednesday night!  On Thursday, son #1 and his wife came to our house late morning and oh did the joy increase! Grandparents arrived soon after!  With everyone’s busy schedules it sure was a blessing to have everyone at the house at the same time!!

Funny story….I was getting dressed to go out for noon dinner and I quick threw on an outfit that I purchased at Target the day before so I could get Sweet Pea’s approval before washing it.  She liked it so much that she encouraged me to wear it that day- so that’s what I did!!  Hopefully I removed all of the tags and stickers!!

Here’s hubby and I in front of our mantel.  He assured me that he had his “buffet pants” on so he would be comfortable all day!  I’ve decided women’s leggings are the female version of “buffet pants!” I’m all for that!!


Here’s Son #2 and Sweet Pea in front of the restaurant!


Son #1 and his wife…


Here are a few pics from our dinner at the restaurant.  It was so festive and the food was amazing!   Thanks for buying our dinners, Gma and Gpa!! Son #3 ate with us and then did a quick presto chango into his black uniform and worked until close.  He was the bar backer for the evening.  The bartender was SO GENEROUS that he gave our son ALL of his tips!  WOW!

PicMonkey Collage-Eat

In the evening we did a little puzzle working and they eventually finished it Friday morning!  Now that’s determination!


Gma baked a few pies (apple & rhubarb) for us to enjoy later in the day.  Yep, You should notice the belt that came off of someone and is laying there on the kitchen island! How ironic!!


As the evening ensued, we settled in and ate some football-ish type snacks.  You can’t beat cheese curds and a summer sausage football!  We cheered and cheered but somehow couldn’t help those Packers win! Rats!  We decided that Brett Favre should have taken over for Aaron Rodgers after halftime!  Watching the game made us feel very thankful that we weren’t actually at the game in the rain for 3 hours!  Snuggling up on the cozy couch was the perfect thing for us!

PicMonkey Collage-Pack

Thankful for selfies….and this guy!! (yep, still have on my new Target shirt!)


I’m so thankful that you humor me and take time to read this silly blog of mine.  I love sharing our life and all of it’s up and downs!  Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. Sue Mackey says:

    What a nice Week in Review, Thanksgiving Edition. I am truly enjoying all of the beautiful photos. Such good memories. And the Copper Dock is such a beautiful setting. The food was delicious and displayed beautifully. I’m surprised that the puzzle is finished already. Good for the gang! I am glad the pie was enjoyed. Loved the belt thing, too! I can see that you are enjoying the lower level for football watching. Looks very comfortable. The selfie is good of Grandpa and you and your Target sweater looks mah-ve-lous, dahling!