Fall Decor 2015

Well, hello good lookin’!  Welcome back!  Today I wanted to share our Fall decor with you.  If I’m really honest, it was hubby who got inspired and motivated to sift through the boxes in the basement and pull out some of the Fall decor to display.  I could have used the excuse “we just moved in” so we don’t have any decorations up!  Once I saw the beautiful colors I was once again reminded how much I LOVE the Fall!

Here are a few snippets of decor that you will find around our house!  I bought some new festive pillows from Target- oh how I love that store!! My daughter’s candle for Fall is a great way to add coziness to the house with out having to bake an apple pie!! You’ll find quite a few owls in my home, it seems to be my obsession right now!  A Salted Caramel Frappaccino without the coffee is my favorite Starbucks treat – IF you like sweet drinks!

Enjoy the quick tour around my home!!

Leave a comment and tell me YOUR favorite Fall drink!!


PicMonkey CollageFall 2015

Until next time….


  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Iced tea?? “Smiling” Your Fall decorations are very nice. And Target loves you!

  2. Julie Krause says:

    When can I come see your house???? It’s so lovely! I usually get a decaf caramel latte, and sometimes a peppermint mocha at Christmas, but now I’ll have to try a salted carmel because yes, I love sweet drinks!