Week in Review- Move with us! 10-22-15

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It was a beautiful day when we moved on October 16th, 2015.  Skies were blue and temps were cool, but not too cool.  Because we hadn’t sold our old house yet, we could move things over in stages.  Last Friday was the day when the big moving truck came to haul away our large items: the fridge, beds, dressers and washer/dryer.  It was surprising how quickly 4 guys could move our stuff.  In roughly 2 hours, we were loaded and heading to our new house, a mere 3 miles down the road.


Thankfully, the timing was perfect for us. The moving truck got there about 20 minutes before the truck delivering the new furniture.  We were concerned that our old mattresses wouldn’t get to the new house in time for the furniture truck to haul them away- Whew!  While we were there, the AT & T guys stopped by and hooked up cable, internet and phone for us- sweeeeeet!


Knowing where things were going in the kitchen was an easy task.  My assistant (Sweet Pea) graciously labeled all of the drawers and cabinets so we knew where most items would go!

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In all reality, many of the rooms looked like this…Laundry needed to get done and we didn’t realize that the plug for the dryer didn’t fit into the outlet.  Everything had to be line dried.  EVEN UNDERWEAR.  How in the world do you dry underwear!!???  We decided door knobs were our best option.  We’re classy people, don’tcha know.


We didn’t work folks too hard.  There was time for checking emails, Instagram and sending Snap chats…


Some even settled in for nap time…

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In the afternoon, the men continued doing their “Manly things”- building steps from the house down to the patio.  Oh how they loved being together and  using power tools.  LOL!

IMG_0600Our first meal cooked in the new house was Chili and Curry chicken soup!


The workers were appreciative and had full bellies!




Here are a few shots of the house. I still have a LOT of decorating to do but I thought I would share them anyway!  It’s a work in progress!

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See you next week!  I might actually have a rug for my family room then!!!


  1. Sue Mackey says:

    It looks very nice. Love the seasonal decor. Every time we see it, we see lots of changes and it looks like home now. Hope the doggie girls are adjusting. Looks like they just might be! =) Thanks for sharing all of the pics. NICE!

  2. Jill, Your house looks fantastic! And so does that chicken curry soup, which I have downloaded.