Week in Review- October 9th, 2015

PicMonkey Collage- Bday

 Our week started out SUPER DEE DUPER as we celebrated Sweet Pea’s 14th birthday!!

Her actual birthday was Friday, so we had her “call the shots” all evening.  Starting with dinner, she asked if Dad could please pick up food from her favorite restaurant- Potbellies!  Of course he was happy to stop !  With the many activities to choose from, she chose to get in her “cozy clothes” and wanted us to all sit and watch the tv show Survivor together.  (can you tell she’s an introvert?)  The evening ended shortly after making our usual Friday night trip to the Dairy Queen!

Because it’s often hard to pick out gifts for a teen, we decided that the best gift right now would be to drive to the closest mall and give her a “YES DAY.”  A yes day is when we stroll the mall and if she sees something/things that she likes, we buy it. (Within reason- wink)


BUT FIRST, we had to have lunch in the food court with her usual favorite…Rocky Rococo’s pizza!

IMG_4722Funny story-  When she was 2 years old, I started bringing her to the mall to have lunch.  Even back then, as a 2 year old, she would finish the WHOLE slice of pizza.  She absolutely LOVED it!  Apparently, she still loves it!!  P.S.  I had the chicken alfredo…


Here’s the birthday girl with her Gma and Gpa!


The landscaping at our new house went in this week.  Somewhere around 15 trees were added, mulch was put down into makeshift beds and the grass seed was planted!  I can’t believe how it transformed a yard of dirt and rocks into a yard of beautiful color and contrast!  By the way, it’s a great time to purchase trees and plants- most were half price!!

PicMonkey Collage-landscaping

Our church completed it’s renovation project a while ago, but one thing was missing- this beautiful 10 foot cross.  It was installed last week and I think it looks divine!!

IMG_4725To finish this post, I wanted to share my furry girl, Minnie!  She had a bath this week in our kitchen sink.  She doesn’t love the actual bath, but what she DOES love is using the blow dryer to finish the job!!  After the bath, all I have to say is “Come on, let’s go!” and I head back to my bathroom.  She knows the routine by now.  She sits on a towel on the counter and I dry her off!  I can’t resist a cute, furry and smelling good pup!!


I won’t be able to blog next week because WE ARE MOVING!!!!  eek! and who knows when I will have an internet connection!  I promise to be back the next week with a detailed post about moving day!!

Thanks for following along!!


  1. Anna you’re my girl! I love Potbelly’s (only been there once but it was delish!) & I love Rocky Rococo’s & Mayfair too! AND Gary & I are watching Survivor right now! (pre-recorded obviously!) 🙂 Happy Belated Birthday! You’re new house is looking so great too.

  2. Sue Mackey says:

    The Mall trip must have been fantastic. You are a very lucky young lady, Ms. Sweet Pea! Happy Birthday again. The landscaping adds so much to the yard. Certainly changes the look of it. Love the Red Maple. Looking forward to seeing it now that so much of the outside work is done. The church project has turned out beautifully. I know that everyone is proud of the expansion. The cross is beautiful. And I love a clean pup. It is so sweet that she loves the dryer. Most pets can’t stand it. Thanks for the lovely post. Love all of the pics.