Week in Review- October 2nd, 2015


Growing up, my husband had a small book in his collection called “Happiness is….a warm blanket.” The book was based on characters from the Peanuts cartoon. I’m not quite sure why he loved the book, but I loved the book because it celebrated the little things in life!  It DIDN’T say happiness is winning the lottery or becoming president of a company.  It said things like happiness is a warm puppy or a soft blankie- now I can relate to THESE things!!  SO, this week my post is in “Happiness is..” style.

Happiness is….finding a good book to read!


Happiness is…. seeing the home you have poured your time and energy into for the last 9 months almost completed!

PicMonkey Collage-happiness

Happiness is….Crabby Mushroom Soup!


Happiness is……watching the joy in her eyes and how her ears flap in the wind when we go “bye bye” in the car!


and lastly, happiness is…..Celebrating the birthday of this sweet girl.  (more on THAT next week!)


Hope you took the time to find happiness in your week.  Look for it, I promise it’s there- right along with the struggles and strife!!

See you next week!


  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Wonderful post! And all of it true! May I add…..the soup looks really good. “Smiling” and hungry!

  2. Leigh Pirtle says:

    Soup does look good…I think you should share the recipe (hint, hint!)