Week in Review- 9-11-2015

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Well, here I am again, highlighting the good things in my week!  I truly believe if you focus on the positive, your brain won’t fixate on the negative! Without further adieu, Here WE GO!!!

[[ ONE]]

This one single leaf on my burning bush that has decided to have a party without telling the other leaves!! LOVE IT!




Fantasy football draft at our house!


The evening was filled with good friends and family.  For dinner we enjoyed the produce grown in our very own garden- mashed potatoes & green beans- delicious!  We added some broasted chicken, apple salad and a DQ cake!  YUM!

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Hubby went golfing! I think he looks cute all matchy matchy.  Sweet Pea thought he looked like a Pizza Hut delivery guy!

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Love these pups who are always ready to “Go bye bye In the car!”

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Light Fixtures are up at the new house!!



We are welcoming prayers, good vibes, etc. as we just put our current home on the market this week.  Keeping my house spotless is proving to be a challenge!! Can you believe it?


September 11th, 2001…….I will NEVER forget……





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  1. Thanks for sharing. So many nice pictures and the food pictures look so good…….Your girlies certainly like to go for a ride. And a walk….And to eat. Love them. Glad hubs got to go golfing and didn’t have to deliver pizzas. Ha! The lighting is very nice. Everything is coming together nicely. Won’t be long now. Thanks again.