Week in Review- July 17, 2015

PicMonkey Collage-thumbA few of us, those who were out of bed before noon, popped over to our new house last Saturday and did a little painting.  (Saving the big bucks ya know!)  We just so happened to have a gallon of paint (Sherwin Williams “Coastal Plain”) in our basement that was nearly full, so we used it! (again, saving the big bucks!) I actually like how it turned out…keep in mind that the ceiling will be knotty pine planks so we didn’t have to make a perfect line to separate the wall & ceiling.  By the way, it’s always a good time to paint when there’s no flooring, no trim or base boards to work around!  Yes, we got a little schloppy!  I like how it turned out!

The Sunroom

PicMonkey Collage=paint

Sweet Pea painted her room too. The paint is Benjamin Moore’s “Metro Gray.” We had our moments of gritting teeth, cringing and then sighing in relief as the paint looked white in the bucket, lavender when wet on the wall, and then finally turning that neutrally gray color that she wanted.  Whew! She’s a very neat painter, by the way….

IMG_4051Others of us were not as neat!  Case in point…

Isn’t he SO cute!!  He looks especially cute high up on a ladder edging the cathedral ceilings in Sweet Pea’s room!


Saturday night there was a little grilling action going on behind our house on the patio.  A certain son was awake enough at that point to be trusted with a knife to cut up some watermelon.  We dined on chicken, asparagus and watermelon. The perfect Summer dinner!!

PicMonkey Collage-grill

My parents stopped by to say hi and brought us this BEAUTIFUL bouquet of snap dragons that they grew in their flower bed.  Wow, if looking at that doesn’t just brighten your day, I’m not sure what will!

The girl is kinda cute too. In my humble opinion.



Sweet Pea is at church camp this week, so Sunday, she and I decided to drive up to the camp a day early, visit some friends and then cruise into camp early on Monday morning. We didn’t want to inconvenience our friends, so we stayed at a hotel.  Oh, the fun we had sleeping in a King sized bed together with a little 5 pound dog tucked in between us!  Seriously, how does such a little dog take up so much space and not allow you to move around??  BUT- We were both all smiles when we discovered that the hotel had a Belgian waffle maker included in the complimentary breakfast!  Oh, yes, we were sugared up!

We arrived so early at the camp that she had first pick of her bed.  The last 2 years she has gone, the girls have been in cabins— the un-air conditioned, walk outside to go potty, cabins.  Well, there were so many students this year, that they opened their retreat center for lodging!  Hello??  An AIR CONDITIONED space with potties a few steps down the hallway!! (right bottom picture)  YES, PLEASE! and she had first pick of cots!!  I guess this early bird got the worm! Did I mention that she packed enough clothes for 3 weeks??  She WISHES she could stay that long!!

PicMonkey Collage-camp

Our house, the new house.  After a week of practically no progress, we had workers this week!!  The BIG retaining wall is finally in.  As you can see it is very much needed! Of course hubby is setting a bad example of what NOT to do- climb on the wall.  I already have visions of grandchildren (boys) jumping off of those stones.  Maybe I should have had some hooks secured into the stone to hold helmets.  Hmmmm.



It’s amazing what can happen in a day.  A little carpenter man obviously was hard at work installing our cabinets.  While we are far from finished, this house is starting to look like our new home!!

(Pictures below)

Upper left is our coffee bar & fridge in the kitchen

Upper right is our bathroom vanity

Bottom left is the kitchenette in the basement.  (Son #2 calls this HIS kitchen! Ha!)

Bottom right is our laundry room. Can’t you just imagine a long pole stretching in between the upper cabinets to hang dry our clothes?  I’m gonna love doing laundry, right??  Promise??

PicMonkey Collage-cab

Now, as proof to those of you who think my hubby is a very serious, stuffy, accountant- I leave you with this.

Mr. Duckface!


Have a safe and fun weekend!!

 Numbers 6: 24-26

“The Lord bless you
and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine on you
and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you
and give you peace.”

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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Loved it all. As always, the food looks wonderful. You live with a great griller. Glad you and Sweet pea and little dog enjoyed the king sized bed, and that you got to see the camp, I will enjoy hearing the fun stories from camp. Love all of the work at the house. New cabinets look so nice and your paint colors are quite nice. The snapdragons do look pretty….as well as the sweet girl.

  2. Your new house looks beautiful! I’m sure it is really exiting watching the process of it coming into place! That watermelon in your picture looks delicious, reminds me I need to get one soon! Thanks for sharing your week. Stopping by from Tuesday Talk. So good to meet you! Have a wonderful Sunday!

    Alexis @ http://www.chemistrycachet.com