Week in Review- Father’s Day Edition 5-26-2015

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Welcome to the Father’s Day Edition of my Week in Review!!  As many of you know, any celebration at our house begins with the FOOD, and we had PLENTY to go around!  We decided to make it easy peasy and order a bunch of chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy and good ol’ coleslaw from K.F.C.  For those of us who cannot handle cole slaw, Grandma made her famous 7 layer salad- it was not only delicious, but colorful too!  My contribution was the watermelon, macaroni salad, and extra mashed potatoes- all homemade purchased from our local grocery store.  See?  Easy peasy.  We didn’t think it was fair for my Dad OR my Hubby to grill…they needed to just relax…


The beautiful centerpiece was an afterthought.  I loved the colors, and it even inspired me to buy some place mats that were Summery looking!

IMG_3866No meal is complete at our house with out the gigantic bottle of ketchup.  Really, it could have been the centerpiece for the table!!  Yes, Sweet Pea eats ketchup on her mashed potatoes- Awkward!

IMG_3870After the meal, we started in with the card games & board games.  Here’s the BIG CARD SHARK who was leaking all the secrets on how he won almost every game against his buddies in the Army- notice the smile!! The crowd was mesmerized.


To end the evening, the goodbyes lead to a hug line up that stretched into the family room.  Hugs are given freely here!!  Even the dog was in line!  Ha ha!

IMG_3878I think the fathers had a good night.  The only thing that would have been better was to have Hubby’s Mom and Dad here too, to celebrate.  We miss them so…  We will celebrate when we see them in August for sure!!

P.S.  My Mom made the best banana cake for dessert!  Please don’t tell her that all I really needed was the frosting, mkay?


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XOXO Rebecca


  1. Sue Mackey says:

    I t was a wonderful day. Enjoyed all of the good food, the good company and always happy to have all of the family together, but do miss the other grandparents. Oh, and the doggies, too! Thanks for having us in your home.

  2. Sue Mackey says:

    And yes, I do know that you love the frosting! “Smiling”!

  3. Julie Krause says:

    Looks yummy and fun! Does your mom share her banana cake recipe? I still use your banana BREAD recipe often:)