Week in Review- June 12th, 2015

PicMonkey Collage-thumbnailHi and welcome back to my Week in Review, where I share pictures from my life here in the great state of Wisconsin!

This week was especially chaotic- with the end of the school year, getting ready to have kids home all day and the building of our new house, I’m ready to fall down. I guess I’m like one of those toys from the 1970’s- Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down!


Like I said, our kids had their last day of school this week and it was a half day.  Sweet Pea was so excited for the last day of school that she woke up at 5:30 am.  She had plenty of time to get ready for school AND squeeze in a few games of solitaire (her latest obsession!)


Because the kiddoes will be home all Summer and they will constantly be hungry, I made a little trip to Costco to stock up!  I found so many fun things!  Going to Costco usually means spending over $300 on “stuff” so I try to limit my shopping trips to 2 or 3 times a year!  Here’s my Costco haul…


While at Costco, I bought an abundance of paper products because I coordinated our 8th grade potluck after graduation and we expected around 300 guests, which totally freaked me out. (7th grade parents set up the potluck)  All I could think about was “this is like catering a wedding reception!”  With only 15 people signed up to bring a main dish, 11 for a side dish and 14 for desserts, I just knew that we weren’t going to have enough food to feed the masses.

I seriously had a chat with the good Lord above and asked him to multiply the food, just as He did in the bible with the fish and loaves of bread, and guess what??  Everyone had enough to eat, some came back for seconds and we STILL had food left.  Isn’t God good???  Oh, yes He is!

Here are a few pics from the graduation potluck.  Did I mention that I had the BEST team of hard working Momma’s helping to set things up?  And did I mention that it was about 85 degrees in the school kitchen?  These ladies were TROOPERS!  Thank you Katie, Liz, Dina, Barb, Angie, Kim, Janet and Carrie!

PicMonkey Collage-Graduation

Our local grocery store has been doing a remodel and it is looking FABULOUS!!  Just had to share!


Looks like a farmer’s market to me!!

20150609_164134We stopped by the new house this week and the dry wall workers had been very busy!  I can finally “see” what the rooms are going to look like!  Hubby could “see” the rooms just from looking at it on paper, but not me!  I love how it’s turning out!  We did find some strange things in the house though.  I found 2 big packs of corn tortillas, a microwave, a bowl of soup and some strange round bones on the floor.  Weird, right??  What ever it takes for them to keep working!!  I stopped by the house last night and all of the mess was perfectly cleaned up- HAPPY DANCE!!

PicMonkey Collage-drywallOh, by the way…. Before the drywall went up, we stole an idea from a friend and wrote a few of our favorite bible verses on the wood planks around the house.  Sweet Pea wrote this in her closet- it’s a good thing to remember!

IMG_3688 and in the entry way…

IMG_3686Our home is built on a firm foundation!!

Next week I’m sharing another quick and easy recipe…see ya then!!

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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    What a gorgeous picture of Sweet Pea and the beautiful Wisconsin landscape. Love the brilliance of it. Nice haul from Costco.. It is always a fun, but very tempting place to shop. Good work with the Graduation Pot-Luck. Proud of you and of all those that contributed and helped with serving. I hope it was much appreciated. Your new store looks a bit like Sendiks, I think. Sure wish they would redo ours.n Love the drywall. Now I, too, can visualize more about what is what!! Your Bible verses are such a nice addition. What a lovely thing to do.

  2. Julie Krause says:

    Glad to hear the potluck went well and there was enough food. Oh how we moms worry that someone will go hungry!!!

  3. Tracy A. says:

    Looks like our Piggly Wiggly that was also remodeled down here in Waukesha Co. (same owner perhaps?). Love your idea for the drywall Bible verses- did you “pin” it on Pinterest? My daughter got me set up with an account and now I am trying to navigate the vast amounts of DIY projects and ideas out there. Love your blogs 🙂

  4. Kelly Kraemer says:

    Thanks for taking on the graduation/wedding reception;). It looked wonderful! Wow…can’t believe that you will be in the same boat next year…your last child graduating from Richfield:) Time truly does fly…beautiful memories to be made…enjoy!