Week in Review- May 22nd, 2015

PicMonkey Collage-thumbHeidi ho! Welcome back to the blog!  Would you like to see what was going on at our house??  Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s start with this girl, my dear Sweetpea.  For years her brothers have enthusiastically mowed our lawn to earn a little extra cashola.  Well, these enthusiastic brothers are not home as much anymore so I thought it was time to give Sweetpea the opportunity.  Because she is so petite, I worried that she wouldn’t be heavy enough to hold the seat down to keep the mower running. Well low and behold, she climbed right on and took off on that thing!!  She’s a natural!  Only one problem though.  Her foot can’t reach the reverse pedal with enough pressure to actually activate the pedal, soooooooo  I guess she’s not quite ready to mow the lawn. RATS!!  She looks good on the machine though, don’t ya think??

20150516_132007Hubby continued his tradition of grilling on Sunday night.  We splurged and bought steaks- they were cooked perfectly- and great with ketchup I might add.  Sorry if that ruined it for ya!

PicMonkey CollageSunday grillerThis guy (son #3) had a chance to work on his farmer’s tan last Saturday.  He golfed well and came home with some “blingage”. 2 medals in a high school JV invitational. (I still can’t get him to wear sunscreen or a hat! Grrrrr)

20150516_121956The house, the house.  As you can see we have gained a few necessary things that make the world so much better!  One, the stairs to the basement are now in- The ladder was such a drag to go up and down.  Two, the wondrous septic tank was buried- now we just need some toilets to fill that tank up! T.M.I., right?  One totally useless and purely decorative item was added to the cupela.  The CHICKEN. (Our builder called it that.)  It’s actually a weather vane with a duck on it. and I LIKE it!

PicMonkey Collage


How could I forget these feathered creatures at my bird feeder?  Aren’t they beautiful? I really, really enjoy watching these birds!  The picture on the left is so special to me- 2 species of birds that are migratory and they’re on my feeder at the same time!


PicMonkey Collage-birds

I enjoyed the weather this week!  It provided plenty of opportunities to talk and laugh on our patio!  Life is GOOD!  Hope you had a great week too!! Cheers!!



  1. Sue Mackey says:

    It’s all good. Way to go, Miss “Pea”. Hope you had fun mowing. I always enjoyed it. And the master is such a good griller. Love all of his culinary skills. Proud of the golfer. He did well with his two medals, plus having an outstanding game. The house is really showing big progress. i know that it is exciting to watch. You are so lucky to have such beautiful birds. And so many different kinds. I think the “yeller” dogs just might like suckers…Thanks for sharing. It is always a pleasure.