Saving Money: Cereal

CerealWhen I was a kiddo, I got so excited to buy cereal at the grocery store!  Maybe it was the colorful packaging, maybe it was the SUGAR, but I think it was really the PRIZE that was waiting inside the box!!  Who’s with me??

These days I haven’t seen any prizes being given away in boxes anymore and all I really pay attention to is how little cereal you get for $5 a box!!  Unbelievable!

As many times as I make eggs for the kids in the morning, they still really LOVE their cereal- especially one son that is over 6 feet tall! We used to buy Cinnamon Toast Crunch every week because he could polish off a box in a week!  One day we decided to try the “look alike” version that contained more cereal for a lesser price and he decided that he liked it!  We never went back to the name brand cereal unless there was a big sale.

Granted, the price difference isn’t enough to pay off your mortgage 10 years earlier, but the savings really does add up!  Buying the “off brand” or “look alike” cereal helps our family stay on our budget!!


  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Good idea! Sometimes it pays to try something different and find that you like it! Ta-Da!