Week in Review- April 17, 2015

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Hi and welcome back to my week in review post where the good, the bad and the UGLY intersect with my life!


First up….this picture of me.  I took it on Sunday morning just before church.  I may be smiling, but what you don’t know is that I had vertigo (from a sinus infection) so bad that I was enjoying my own little amusement park ride in my head- WHILE I WAS STANDING STILL.  It would have been tons of fun except I usually throw up on rides like that!!

Another note to self: Don’t go to the grocery store when you are in this state of mind.  A special thanks to the guys at Piggly Wiggly who cleaned up the spill in aisle 6.  It was just a jar of spaghetti sauce that I dropped for goodness sake!


You can clearly see that our new house is coming right along- roof and shingles went on this week.  I have been stewing and fretting about the name of my blog and if it will still be appropriate when we move.  I guess the answer is YES…yes, indeed.  I will still be JILL ON THE HILL!!


Heading up the UGLY category this week is this nice pile of dog hair that I pulled from the vacuum cleaner this week- Dog hair and dirt, my favorites!!

Bella says “Apparently, I’m shedding!”


This girl certainly isn’t shedding, but she was doing a great impression of a mountain goat this week.


Bella DID redeem herself by laying by my feet for the 4 days that I was sick.  What a sweet pup!  It’s nice to have my own personal therapy dog!!


Once I regained my sense of balance, I did take a few walks and I saw some sure signs of Spring in our yard.


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I drank from this mug this morning, hoping to actually BE wonder woman, to muster up the strength to get my daily chores done.  It didn’t work.  I skipped a few of the chores and went for 2 walks with my doggies instead!


After being sick this week and feeling down, I found this quote on the internet- it’s so true!


Y’all have a good week!

Stay tuned next week for my recipe for the World’s Easiest Spaghetti and Meatballs!!

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  1. Sue Treu says:

    I love the quote about every day not being a good day … Thanks Jill!

  2. Sue Mackey says:

    So sorry that you have been feeling on the rocky side. Do hope you are better. I did enjoy your humorous way of explaining it, though. Take care. Always love the “pups”! And their sweet photos. You looked good in your photo even if you felt cross-eyed. =) The house is coming along nicely and yes, it is still on a hill. Spring must be here. We have signs in our yard, too. It wont’ be too long now and mowing and gardening will begin. You are a Wonder Woman and you do find good in everyday. God bless!

  3. good Mirning beautiful friend of mine!!! I actually had 30 seconds to read and reply:) Your home is coming along nicely! Glad you are feeling better! Is your daughter-law pregnant yet? Can you believe we are old enough for o be grandmas? No baby here yet… Crazy busy with Segway!!! Opened our second location!!!! Well, that’s all the time I hav; back on the treadmill of life!!! Hugs of love! If you respond here, not sure I will ever find my way back. Maybe a text would be better for this technology dummy! Lol Miss and love you!

  4. Vertigo…I feel for you. I suffer from it too from time to time. It knocks me down, can’t move, can’t do anything except stay in whatever position that won’t make the room spin. The dog hair, looks like the inside of my vacuum too. Two dogs too, and one sheds like crazy. I felt like I could have written this post! Glad your feeling better. Linking up from Friday Favorites.

  5. Jan Boehlke says:

    Glad that uour feeling better! Vertigo is tough, stay well! I love reading your blog-lasagna looks like a winner