The Secret of Contentment


As some of you may know, we are in the process of building a new home.  We love our current home, but as our oldest children leave the nest, the house is becoming a burden.  There are bedrooms that are not being used, various rooms that are waaaaaay dustier than they should be and because we have 2 furnaces/air conditioners, often our wallet is a little emptier than we want. Those are just some of the reasons we are building a smaller, downsized, more efficient home for our future.

We’ve never built a home from scratch so the possibilities are endless.  Too endless!  It’s so easy, during this process to add new things that were recommended for our new home, or copy some ideas from friend’s homes just to upgrade.  Unfortunately, this leaves our wallet empty as well.  This is where I struggle.

But I WANT the beautiful landscaping with a built in grill on our patio and I WANT a big custom master closet system- Ka-ching!  Is it really necessary??  It’s so hard to be content with what I already have!  Can you relate?  Are you drooling over the latest technology, video game or I-phone??

I heard a message by Pastor Rick Warren that helped me understand contentment and the effects of always wanting more.

He claims the more you have monetarily, you will have:

More fatigue– you may lose sleep worrying about your “stuff”

More expenses– somebody has to pay for the maintenance all of those extras

More anxiety– How will I store all of that stuff?  How am I going to get to my house up north to winterize it?

More conflict– conflict over how to decorate that house up north, who and when should get to use it? Who will defrost that new freezer that you just had to have??

More dissatisfaction– That extra fancy new car depreciates the moment you drive it off the lot. The new model will soon come out and you will be wanting the NEW model.  That new video game that just came out will soon be old and not as fun as it once was…

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having things.  But realize the more you have, the more you are in charge of.

The “meat” of Rick’s message were the keys to contentment.

Here are the KEYS to contentment..

1. Stop comparing yourself to others!!  You are made as an original- there’s no need to copy anyone, be yourself!

“I must learn to admire without having to acquire!”

2.  Enjoy what I have!  Life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured.  God gave us taste buds, vision, etc. to enjoy life!!

3.  Remember, life is not about things! Never judge your self worth by your net worth.  Never think your valuables determine your value. And finally, The greatest things in life are not things!

4.  Focus on what will last forever!  I give my attention to permanent values, and I build my life on eternal priorities!


2 things last forever- the Word of God and People–  fill your mind with this book (the bible) not the news or untruths.  Invest our lives in people and relationships, not things!

Will you listen to Culture or Christ?

Will you listen to Madison Avenue or the Master?

Will you listen to the World or the Word?


Wow, some great truths right there!!  I need to keep these ALL in mind as I choose things for our new house.  It doesn’t really matter if we serve our friends and family on granite counter tops or laminate, as long as were spending precious time together!












  1. Sue Mackey says:

    It is all truth and note worthy, but love the last sentence best. Good luck with the new home and may you all be content!

  2. badda bing, badda boom! I like you.