5 on Friday- My Week in Review- 3-27-2015

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My fun week began last Friday with this guy coming home from college on Spring Break! Yes, I took him to Kohls to buy some much needed clothing items.  He was still wearing his t-shirts from high school and he graduated a few years ago.  For once in his life he didn’t complain about buying clothes!  And NO, I didn’t let him have the full length, to the floor, wool coat, even if he looked very dapper in it.  The clearance price of $160 was just too much for my budget!  Ha!


He’s had a chance to catch up on some much needed sleep (a.k.a. I never see him!)  But we have delegated some pretty hard tasks to him, like KILLING SPIDERS so his sister won’t freak out!


and fixing his long board so he will continue to have transportation to class.




Saturday, we moved our son and daughter- in-love into their new home.  Grandma offered to make food for the friends that helped them move.  WOW, she really out did herself!  Everyone ate and there was still tons of food left.  I guess that’s what Grandma’s do…feed people!! (**Drool alert) She made sloppy joes, italian beef, hot dogs, fruit, chips, baked beans…


and now the desserts.. m&m cookies, snicker doodles, banana bars,  & apple pie!  After moving, arranging, and eating, I think everyone was ready for a nap! The whole move into the new house with most things put away took about 4 hours!!  Very efficient, I thought!



The new house is really going up fast!! I took college boy out to the lot to check it out, and the kids were more interested in climbing the huge pile of dirt, and posing for pictures, which I kindly obliged.


Sing along with me!

The hills are alive,

with the sound of music….


Here’s some perspective- now that’s a pile of dirt!



Wednesday night, Son #3 went to youth group and chose to be baptized- We were so proud of him!  The whole family was there…

Even Gma and Gpa!!

PicMonkey Collage-baptism


Our school had a fundraising dinner so NO COOKING FOR ME Thursday night!  Yippee!!  There was this really cute girl there that LOVED the Red Velvet Cake Custard! (wink)


Have a happy weekend everyone!!

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  1. Patricia Groth says:

    Sounds like you had a really fun week. The spread at your son’s house made moving furniture all worth while….Grandmas way of helping.