Week in Review- March 20th, 2015

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Just when you think life is going to slow down, surprisingly it ramps back up, chock-full of activities!  We’ve had a busy week to say the least, and I’ll spare you the bad stuff and just highlight the blessings- because smiling is GOOD!

First up- Son #3 spent the weekend with Son #2 at college.  Nope, it wasn’t sibling weekend, just a weekend to laugh and take a sneak peek at college life.  From what they told me they spent their time long boarding, disc golfing, concert going, hanging with Intervarsity friends, playing Super Mario brothers game and getting a grand total of 10 hours of sleep all weekend. I met them at a Mc D’s near the campus to do the “pass off.”  They both NEEDED a shamrock shake…(sorry for the blurry picture)


Because son #3 was gone, some cutie was an only child for the weekend.  We enjoyed dinner out last Saturday!

Sweet Pea had the chicken blt wrap, Hubby had the bourbon chicken and I had rotisserie chicken.  Yes, it never fails- the server asked Sweet Pea if she wanted a kid’s menu.  She laughed and said “no, thanks!”  What she really wanted to say is “Hello?  I will be driving in 2 years!!”  Haha!

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Hubs and I took the opportunity to meet with Son #1 before he and his wife move into their new home this weekend.  We’re all excited for them- there’s nothing like having a place to call your own!!  Looking forward to helping them move stuff in and get it settled!


Had a great adventure to a local park with the doggies.  It was such a beautiful day!  The dogs came home muddy, full of burrs but WORN OUT!!

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Sweet Pea and I went to see a movie this week- The Drop Box.  It was an encore presentation and we were totally surprised when we walked into the theater and saw that all of the seats were RECLINERS!!  Great movie, great seats!!


Cookies were made this week.  The cookies turned out terrible because I tried a new recipe- I should have stuck to my tried and true recipe!!

Apparently, the dough was still good!!!


Happy Weekend!!

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  1. Patricia Groth says:

    Sounds like you had a good week and it must have been nice to just spend time with your daughter while your son was gone. Bonding time spent with my daughter is always fun but can get costly…..oh well….The picture of your daughter making cookies has inspired me to make oatmeal cookies which are my husbands favorite! so he thanks you. Have a good week.

  2. What a great week! It’s the everyday things that make everything else special. I get to spend tonight with my younger daughter and some friends. Yes, it will probably cost a little more because we are going to the mall, but what a precious time. She will be graduating from high school very soon and I want to be able to remember these times. Thanks for sharing your ordinary week! I am visiting from Friday Favorites today.

  3. Sue Mackey says:

    So glad the boys got to spend the week-end together enjoying campus life. The restaurant food looks yummy. It was good to see the pic of you and son #1. I still want to know what you were laughing about!! ???? =) Your walk in the park must have been loads of fun for the furry girls. Sorry about the burrs. Hope you enjoyed the movie and I know that you enjoyed the recliners…And I’ll bet the cookies were good.
    The dough looks yummy! Thanks for sharing your week.