Week in Review- March 13th, 2015

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Holy Cow, guys- it’s Friday the 13th!  The date may send shivers up your spine, but I’ve always found Friday the 13th to be great day!!

Let’s see….what happened this week that was exciting.  Hmmmm…Oh yes, This guy came home from college to spend some time with the family!!  We hadn’t seen him since the middle of January!  He was a little sick with a cold, but hopefully we tip toed around the house enough that he could get some extra rest.


I wasn’t the only one happy to see the college boy!! Bella had lots of kisses for him!


I’m pretty sure he came home because I bribed him with this- TACO PIZZA !!


Sweet Bella girl celebrated a birthday this week…she is 8 years old now!  I’m not very good at math, but I think that’s 56 years in dog years!  She’s getting to be a senior citizen!  We didn’t celebrate with a cake or a frosty paw.  A nice long walk was a treat for her. Lots of good smells in the woods!


I think she partied a little too much! ZONK!


Spring has arrived and there has been some progress on our new house.  We’re beginning to see a few walls go up.


I’m looking forward to sitting in a chair, relaxing with this view…Would ya just look at the size of that boulder out there??


Bring on the sunshine & warmer temps- I’m so ready for it!

I feel like the dog whisperer, YO!!


Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    So good to see #two son. Glad he was home for a short time. Happy Birthday, Bella. You are such a sweet girl. The taco pizza looked Mah-ve-lous, dahling. I’ll bet it tasted fantastic, too. Loved the colors. Brought back some Happy Joe’s memories. Woo Hoo for the house raising. It will be up and running before you know it. Thanks for the WIR. Always a job well done!

  2. Patricia Groth says:

    I agree the taco pizza looked yummy….have to give that a try. Our family has also been enjoying this great weather and wish it would never end. Looking forward to my son coming home from college but it will be a short visit because he will be off to florida for some fun over Easter.