Puppy Picks- Dog Bed Edition

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I’m so excited to share my favorite dog beds today!  Bella and Minnie make beautiful models, don’t they??

Let’s start with a BIG dog bed- Bella’s favorite!  It’s a Bessie and Barney bagel bed. As you have probably done, we kept buying cheap dog beds from Costco or Petco, hoping they last for more than a year.  Well, this dog bed is certainly not cheap, but it has already outlasted any dog bed that we have purchased.  The cover washes well and maintains it’s shape perfectly!  I will add that the dog bed takes a little effort to take the cover off and then put back on, but it’s worth it!  Bessie and Barney dog beds can be found on Amazon, their website, but we purchased ours from a locally owned pet store.  Yes, she has another dog bed under her dog bed, she’s a princess after all!!


Little Miss Minnie Moo has a few different beds. I may or may not have a slight obsession with dog beds.

Let’s first start with her every day, use all of the time dog bed.  It’s a bed from Tiger Dreamz called the 3 way bed.  It looks like this when it’s all stretched out. (Don’t ya just love Sweet Pea’s socks and mocs?)


This bed is so versatile- it can be used various ways.

Option 1– Minnie’s favorite: Folded in half. (no she doesn’t usually sleep on the coffee table, it’s usually on the couch!)


Option 2– The bowl.  Simply tuck one end of the bed into another. She likes this one when it gets cold outside.  She can nestle into her nest and stay snuggly warm!


Option 3– Under the covers!  I’ll admit it, she does NOT like this option at all, but she was a good actress!


Another favorite Winter bed is this one from Tiger Dreamz, the Beddy-ball bed.  We just call it the bean bag chair.  She loves it because it wraps around her and keeps her little 5 pound body warm! Bella even uses it as a pillow sometimes when she lays on the floor- Haha!


I have an embarrassing amount of other beds around the house but I won’t share them because you’ll start calling me the crazy dog bed lady!!  I hope other pet owners will understand!!!!


  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Your dogs are so lucky…and they are two of the sweetest girls, ever. They deserve the best. Bella needs her bones pampered and Min needs to stay warm. You have done an excellent job of providing comfort and warmth for them. Very fortunate pups, indeed! They have a warm and loving home. =)