Week in Review- February 20th, 2015

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Apparently, we’re living in the deep freeze!!  Seriously, my kitchen freezer is warmer!  And YES, we had school, no delays….we are TOUGH here in Wisconsin!


Let’s start with Valentine’s Day.  We had a very romantic double date with our son and his wife at the bowling alley!  Please don’t tell anyone that I didn’t even break 100, mkay??

Valentine's Day

Here’s the update on our new house. This is how much they have accomplished in one week.  This was all un-excavated land at the beginning of the week.  Looks like they’ve been very busy!  I’m not sure how they can pour concrete and have it cure in this cold weather, but they sure got it done! This is part of the basement, by the way.


This week I got adventurous and made a Cobb Salad for dinner. Can you even believe that I didn’t get a sneer or an “eewwww?”

No one took the tomatoes of course, but I was thrilled that they ate it!


Bella was sure interested!  She makes me laugh!


Our oldest son had a birthday this week.  23 years old!!  I think we’ve both changed a little.  I’m much older and wiser…and gray-er and wrinkly-er.  He just got cuter!  No fair!!

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See you next week!!


  1. Again, another interesting week. Yes, the weather has been brutal, but we are all thankful that we have nice warm homes. Feel so sorry for those that are cold and hungry.
    I was surprised at how much work has been done on the house. Didn’t know they could pour concrete with the temps so low. It is exciting and can’t wait to see what it will look like when it is finished.
    Sorry we missed seeing the bride and groom. Bowling sounds like fun.
    Cobb salad is very attractive and, yes, I would eat it. Good job, Mom! Bella likes it, too.
    Happy birthday to your first born. What a special young man he is. I have so many good memories of watching him grow and mature. I know that he makes you proud.
    Keep up the good work, Mom….Your WIR is always interesting and entertaining. <3