Week in Review- February 13th, 2015

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This week was totally great with a little bad throw in, just for the fun of it!! Isn’t that how life is??

Let’s flash back to last weekend when I captured this great picture of my hubby and Sweet Pea after a tournament game!  Isn’t he cute??  I showed him this picture and he said “Wow, I have gray hair!” I quickly replied “Yes, you’re my silver fox!”  (blushing)


Our new house adventure has begun!!  Can you see our driveway???  I’m totally excited!  They also poured the foundation this week!  I tried to get pictures but there were so many concrete trucks lined up, I couldn’t get very close to the site!! In about 200 business days the house should be finished.  I think that brings us to November sometime!

Day 1

OK, here’s the bad part of the week- are you ready?  I had a couple of tests done at the surgery center that required me to eat/drink clear liquids for a day and then drink a concoction that evacuated all liquids from my body. Get my drift??  Well, it wasn’t pretty- it was pretty violent with liquids coming out various orifices of my body.  Oh my, I can’t even bear to look at that pitcher of Gatorade!!  Yuck!  Thankfully, all tests were normal and I have some lovely pictures to prove it!  Just ask if you’d like to see them!  HA! Sweet Pea looked a little ill when I showed her the pictures!

clear liquids

Speaking of Sweet Pea, she finally had the chance to sit down this week and paint her nails for Valentine’s Day.  Oh, with all of the activities and school projects, she had neglected them and left them bare for weeks!  Can you even imagine??  As she was painting them, she mentioned that fact that she felt “all at home now” that her nails were painted again!  These are her “Valentine Leopard Nails!”


This cutie did her job well- to sit and look adorable!  She clearly has a rough life!


I also celebrated a birthday this week, on Thursday!  Wow, I certainly felt the LOVE with flowers, cards, CAKE, texts, messages from friends, tea with a friend and someone even sang to me on the phone!  Does it get any better?


If you saw last weeks post, you might remember seeing me drive Sweet Pea to school in my embarrassing cozy pants.  Well, this week was no different, except I chose a different pair.  These aren’t quite as embarrassing but I like the message!!


Oh, yes it IS!!

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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Awww! Loved it all! I look forward to these posts. So newsy and beautiful pictures. Congratulations to Coach, Sweet Pea and all of the Lady Raiders. So happy for the beginning of your new home. I know it is exciting for you all. So grateful that your tests were good and that awful yucky concoction is not in your near future. Ack! The fingernails look pretty, “Pea”. I’ve been missing your nail artistry. Minnie is always adorable. She never takes a bad photo and the best part is that she wakes up looking like that.!! And ahhh! The beautiful roses. What a nice and thoughtful gift. And pretty card, too! <3 The jammies are perfect. You could even go shopping at Wal-Mart and be right in style. Thanks for the wonderful Week in Review.

  2. Patricia Groth says:

    Happy Birthday….sounds like you had a great day! I am over due for that special test you had done and I am not looking forward to the prep, Hope I can get it down.