Tips for Selling on Facebook Buy & Sell Groups


Another great name for this post could be “Make money from things you already have!”  Because we are building a new house and I’m literally looking over all of the STUFF we will have to move, I am highly motivated to sift through drawers, closets and cabinets to get rid of unused items in our home! Also, if I can make a little extra cash AND de-clutter at the same time, I’d say this is a WIN-WIN situation!!

Here are my tips for selling your items on Facebook Buy & Sell Groups! They’ve worked for me!


1. Join a group that has lots of members but is still local.

2. Read the rules of the group carefully and abide by them.

3. Wipe down and clean the item you are selling.

4. Take a good, clear, picture of your item.

5. State the facts in your post.  Write a short description with size, age, any damage, price and pick up location.

6. Choose a public place for pick ups.

7. Timing your post will increase your chance of selling the item.  Early evenings on week days is a popular time to post. (Although I’ve had success posting early morning too.)

8. Delete the post when you sell the item.

9. If your item isn’t selling, try posting in another group or lower the price a little.

10. Enjoy the extra money & extra space!!




  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Yep…..or if you aren’t computer/photo “talented”, have a big garage sale or rummage……..Good luck and have fun. Be safe.