Week in Review- February 6th, 2015

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We started this glorious week by watching the Superbowl on Sunday evening.  Truth be told, I only watched the commercials and the half-time show because my team, the PACKERS, weren’t in it- RATS!  Son #1 and his bride came up to watch the game with us.  We had a couple of board game showdowns pre-game- Sequence and Settlers of Catan.  At my house, if you leave hungry, it’s your own fault.  We served up some good grub- CHILI and CURRY CHICKEN SOUP.  Lots of snacks too!  The night was made complete with my daughter in law’s strawberry cheesecake dessert- WOWZA!

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Pretty Bella had a vet appointment this week for a back adjustment.  Chiropractic treatment for a dog??  You’ve got to be kidding, right??  That’s what I thought! She has some back problems and hip dysplasia and we’ve had some good results having this done.  I’m a believer!  It’s amazing how calm she looks here because as soon as the Dr. came in, she was a total SPAZ!  In fact, the Dr. lovingly called her a Labradork!  I would have to agree!


On my way down to the appointment, I got behind one of those empty car carriers.  Oh how I wanted to just gun my engine, speed up the ramp and jump over the car in front of me.  I guess I watched too many episodes of “The Dukes of Hazzard” in my childhood.


This lovely lady (My Mom) celebrated her birthday this week!  We dropped by her house with gifts, hugs and sugar…that’s all you need for a successful birthday party! Everyone knows that!


My daughter needed to be at school early one day this week, so I drove her to school- in these pants- and the most ridiculous red sweatshirt to match.  Ho Ho Ho…so glad I didn’t get pulled over!!


Happy Weekend to ya!!

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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Wow! I knew we should have come to your house for the food….er…Super Bowl! Looks like we missed a lot of fun and many, many delicious things to eat. And poor Bella. Tell her nobody enjoys the visits to the doctor. And she isn’t a labradork. I liked your jammies. Might as well be comfortable on those quick trips to school. Thanks for all of the good things for my birthday. Jewelry, colorful lip balm, perfume, candy, plus cake and ice cream. And lots of birthday hugs. What a great loving family that I have. Excellent job with your Week in Review. Love all of the pretty photos and love your humor. Keep up the good work.


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