Week in Review- January 9th, 2014

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The big news here this week…we have snow…and cold!!!  I guess it is Winter and all.  Last weekend I woke up, looked out and saw a winter wonderland!!


The kids made the best of it, sliding on an icy pond in our new subdivision. (please note the lack of boots on Son #3)  Poor kid, apparently we can’t afford boots…epic fail, Mom.


While we were sliding on ice and enjoying the snow here, the LOVEBIRDS (My married son & his wife) attended a wedding in Minnesota, where they had NO snow.  It’s been a strange winter for sure. They sure did look cute!!


With wind chills of -31 degrees there was a LOT of snuggling going on….


and video gaming.

And for the record, YES, we had school all week…because we are TOUGH !!


This girl curled her hair with her new curling wand that she got for Christmas.  Doesn’t she look like she’s 16??  Well, evidently not, cuz she still gets offered the kid’s menu at restaurants and tokens at the grocery store.  What I really want to tell these people is “Hello?  She will be driving in 3 years!!”  But I don’t, because kid’s meals are much more inexpensive and it’s pretty much the amount she eats so I keep my big mouth shut. I just wink at her and she smiles.


One night this week I made baked potato soup and a salad.


This was not you typical tossed salad….it was a WEDGE salad.  Just the beauty of the name made the salad more fancy.

Here she is in all her glory.  I bet my family thought they were eating at some fancy, schmancy restaurant- Right up until I made them rinse their dishes and put them in the dishwasher.  End of restaurant experience right there.


I don’t really care much about the wedge salad, I just want to eat these all day long!!


See you next week, friends!!


  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Oh, I loved your Week in Review. So many wonderful pictures and you are so witty. And I love those candy kisses, too. Yum!