Puppy Picks #3


My little sweet girl, Minnie, had her first doggie dental cleaning at the vet a few weeks ago.  Let me tell you, it was quite a process.  The cleaning went well and luckily this was only her first cleaning- not bad for a 6 year old (Yorkies are prone to dental disease.)

The process involved anesthesia, cleaning and scaling of the teeth, x-rays and any dental extractions, if needed.  Minnie was gone for the whole day to ensure that she was well monitored after the anesthetic and for pain control. Don’t get me wrong, she was worth every penny, but this procedure was over $500!!

Gosh, this is something I never want to have to do again, so I’m hoping prevention is the answer!

Now, that we have a “Clean Start,” I want to make sure that her teeth stay that way!

I’ve tried many, many doggie toothpastes and the dogs cringed when I came at them with the tooth brush.

The Vet recommended this toothpaste and really, the dogs RUN to me to have their teeth brushed!!  She also relieved the pressure of perfection by having to brush daily and get every tooth.  This toothpaste is enzymatic and just by simply getting it near the gum line will help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

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