Week in Review- Thanksgiving Edition 2014


PicMonkey Collage-Thanksgiving1

As with any get together, it usually starts with….laundry.  College boy was home and the Lovebirds stopped by to sleep over, so my laundry room looked like this.  I keep reminding myself that lots of laundry and shoes spread all over the room are a blessing.


We ate the most delightful meal at our favorite restaurant.  Gma and Gpa joined us and we pigged out had our fill of turkey, salmon, ham and roast beef with plenty of side dishes and scrumptious desserts! Thanks, Mom and Dad for spoiling us ALL!

PicMonkey Collage-food

The afternoon was filled with all kinds of fun….naps, football watching, doggie lovin’…


Jamming out to a little Guitar Hero in the basement, Grandma even knew the words to a few songs but never got behind the mic.


They did some REAL jamming on REAL instruments…


Prepped for the “Lovebirds” Christmas photo…


A funny moment during the photo shoot


This yellow, furry girl went for a walk with Daddy.  She didn’t even notice the geese- not much of a hunter…well, except for squirrels.


Believe it or not, the crew got hungry and the price of dinner was a selfie- so I captured these!



A board game ensued- for hours! Not sure who won, but it was pretty serious and competitive.  Hubs and I watched them play. My brain was not ready to learn a new game with strategy involved.  Hubs and I watched a Modern Family marathon and enjoyed every minute of it!


It was nearing 9:00pm and the youngsters started talking about going out to shop and we were happy to let them go!  We had a moment to reflect on our day and we’ve decided that we are pretty darn blessed.


Here’s hoping your day was full of food, friends, family and laughs!  Happy Thanksgiving!  So thankful for my readers, who take the time to read these crazy posts each week! Sending you love from snowy Wisconsin!


  1. Thanks for the wonderful day! We loved being with you and we love you ALL!

  2. Patricia Groth says:

    Our family had a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving also. I liked the restaurant idea……I have been cooking for two days with family over both Thursday and Friday and the skin on my hands are ready to fall off. I think it’s time to invest in rubber gloves because a dishwasher is not in the plan. Happy Holidays