Week in Review- November 21st, 2014

PicMonkey Collage-WIR1

Oh, happy day friends, it’s the end of the week!  Gosh, our week has been pretty dull around here. I’m not complaining, because life is usually CrAzY!  Our week did include two family member’s birthdays that we celebrated all in one day- Score!  School conferences were this week- things were good.  High School basketball started this week and I’m watching money fly out of my account ordering team basketball shoes–men’s size 13, y’all- Yikes!!

It was a trying week for Miss Minnie.  She had a dental cleaning along with an extraction and a small cyst removal on her neck…once again, ka-ching! Poor baby needed her mama to pamper her for the afternoon, although the vet techs took turns holding her and carrying her around so she would stop whimpering.

Enough already, let’s get down to my fabulous 5

{One}-  Birthday Boys

Hubby and Son #2 celebrated their birthdays last Sunday with an impromptu Packer party.  I made 2 batches of chili, 2 batches of Chicken Curry Soup and my son’s favorite Taco Dip!  Our team even got the WIN!


Hubs liked his Chili…he added noodles on the bottom. That’s just weird- I forgave him, it was his birthday!


Son #3 was a chili fan too!


Grandpa was very popular!


The time came for the other birthday boy to head back to college.  He gave his Momma a BIG hug and I quick grabbed a selfie! It was a fun night that ended with Dairy Queen ice cream cake…how could we go wrong with that??


{Two}- Wildlife

We had quite a bit of snow this week and I enjoyed viewing it AND the wildlife through my window, from my cozy and warm house! See? Even Mr. Cardinal was bracing against the wind and snow.  I just LOVE the color contrast of the snow, red and green!


This guy seems to always find our feeder.  His acrobatic feats always intrigue me.


This girl wore her coat outside- it was THAT cold.


Then she got hot.


{Three}- Haircut

Apparently snipping 2 inches off your hair brings healthy hair AND a new attitude!


{Four}- Clean Teeth

It was an ALL DAY process, but this girl has CLEAN Teeth!!  She did have to have one of her back molars extracted and we had a small cyst removed.  Don’t you worry, we took the time to snuggle and love her- and give her pain meds to keep her comfy! Yeah, she was a little LOOOOPY!


{Five}- Memories

I looked through scrapbooks to make a birthday collage for son #2.  So many wonderful memories!  I love that smile!  How could he possibly be 20 years old??  Good thing I’m not aging at all…just HIM, right?

PicMonkey Collage-#2

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  1. The birthday soup supper was super. (Did you see what I did there?) I love my little family. Happy Birthday to the 20 year old son. I think the men were really into those warm and delicious bowls of soup. Your wildlife pictures are magazine worthy. Love the cardinal and the berries. Sweet pea is such a pretty young lady. Where did the babies go……Poor Minnie….It was a rough day for her, but I know it helped being home (finally) with Mom and the family after such an ordeal. Son #2 is a charmer. His cap looks very warm. Hope he remembers to use it. The pics from the past make me smile and also feel a little sad. Life marches on, but really wish we could relive those precious days from the past. Kids are just too cute….Nice job with the Week in review, Jill…As always.

  2. Patricia Groth says:

    Always enjoy seeing the pictures you take of birds and nature shots. I agree about the color contrasts with the cardinals and greenery. Very pretty.