Week in Review- November 14, 2014

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Happy Friday to ya!!  Here was our week in pictures!

My week started last Friday by hosting most of Sweet Pea’s basketball team at our house for lunch and some bowling.  I made it super simple and made 3 pizzas and added some greens to add SOMETHING healthy!  Notice the paper bowls and plastic cutlery…yeah, trying to make it easy!


I took the girls over to the bowling alley and quickly noticed something that was different than taking my boys to bowl.

Instead of trying to WIN- they were more concerned with the candy claw machine, their phones, and taking pictures.


Isn’t this adorable??


Hubby decided to try one of the recipes in the We Energies Cookie book- Cinnamon sticks.  This is what it looks like when he bakes.  I LOVE the picture on the left.  The dog just cracks me up!  I won’t even mention that hubs accidentally spilled a 5 pound bag of sugar on the floor and almost put cornstarch on top of the cinnamon sticks instead of powdered sugar.  All of this happened while I was on the phone with my Mom. I think she was entertained by the mayhem!   The house smelled so cinnamonny good.  Yes, I’m adding “cinnamonny” to the dictionary.

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On the home building front:

Hubs and I spent 3 hours this week with our new home builder choosing exterior stone and colors.  We’re a good team hubs and I- We pick and choose like champs!  He compromised and let me choose the front door and I let him choose the garage doors.

PicMonkey Collage-doors

The builders staked out our land earlier in the week so we could see where the house would sit.


Sweet Pea found her bedroom and decided to take a nap



We brought our oldest son to the lot to show him all of the “goings on.”  I caught this precious picture of our oldest and youngest!

Can you tell it was windy and COLD?


We made time this week for a date night.  Basketball season is upon us and life’s gonna get crazy so we’re taking the time for “US.”




Thanks for taking the time to read our adventures!  Wishing you a mighty fine weekend!!

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  1. Kelly Erkkila says:

    Fun week! I hope you had a great date night!!! Trying to guess where you are building by the shot…I feel that you are facing west in that pick off of 2 guesses…but to keep you anonymous…I will keep guessing!

  2. Sue Mackey says:

    Another fun Week in Review. Loved the cookie baking episode. John is a dedicated baker and he does do a good job at baking….and cooking…….And he is especially impressive at the cleaning chores after baking and at mealtime. He’s a Keeper!
    Isn’t it funny how different boys and girls are when it comes to bowling, candy and phones…You are a good Mom to help out with the team by having lunch and then bowling. I am enjoying hearing about your house plans. You are both very ambitious. Sweetpea was enjoying her new bedroom. She will have fun with picking out new decor. Very cute pictures….and as for Bella…..SQUIRREL!

  3. Jan Boehlke says:

    Jill, I just want to know WHO cleaned up the kitchen after all that “baking”???