Week in Review- November 7th, 2014

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Well, let’s just get down to the knitty gritty and show you my Fabulous Five of the week!

Son #3’s 16th birthday!!

We celebrated his birthday AND getting his driver’s license by heading to the Bucks Game on Friday night!  Hubby splurged and bought really good seats! Yeah, we were so close we could almost give them a  pep talk!! In fact, the people behind me had LOTS of advice for the team and LOTS of interesting noises when the Energee dancers came out to perform.  And believe me when I tell you there was more praying going on behind me  (J.C. this and J.C. that) than in church on Sunday…wow!!


I think he enjoyed the game.  What do you think?


Although sporting events downtown Milwaukee are NOT my favorite thing to do, I did enjoy the people watching- especially because it was Halloween night!

It’s getting increasingly more difficult to get our whole family together to celebrate but the moons aligned just right and everyone could meet for a fabulous birthday lunch at one of our favorite restaurants on Sunday!  Here are all of the “kids!”

Grandma and Grandpa were there too!  Yay!!


The birthday boy demolished the ribs!

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Painting Nails

Sweet Pea had so much fun this week painting C’s nails with a Fall-ish theme! C is student teaching this semester and I bet the kiddoes LOVED seeing her nails!

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Breakfast on the Weekend!

Sweet Pea made breakfast on the weekend- French Toast!  What was her secret to making amazing french toast??  Wearing pink, fuzzy socks!

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The furry girls had baths! 

I lucked out and got to bathe the little girl.  Would you look at the hair that came off of Bella? Winter is coming, girl…stop shedding!!!

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My Recipe was published!!

This cookbook published by our local gas/electric company has been a holiday tradition since 1928.  I entered the contest with my best cookie recipe and my recipe came out to be one of the winners!  Honestly, I have to say these ARE delicious cookies and one of my best buddies used to make these for me each Christmas as a gift- It’s HER recipe!!  Just wanted to give credit where credit is due!


I made a batch for Son #3 (his request) and for my hubby to take to work!  They’re always a hit!!


Here’s the recipe for ya!!


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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Another great review. Happy Birthday to #3 son. He did a fantastic job with his ribs. Great seating for the ballgame. And entertaining, too! We enjoyed the birthday meal also. It is always fun being with the family! My burrito lasted for three meals and it was excellent. Nice job on the nails, Sweet Pea…and on the French Toast. I love the Orange Cookie recipe. Thanks to your dear friend for sharing and thank you and your husband for a copy of the Cookie Recipe Book. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing. Oh, and the furry girls, I’ll bet, really enjoyed their baths….Bwhahahahahaha!

  2. Patricia Groth says:

    Thanks for the recipe for the cookies….will have to give a try. I totally forgot about the cookie book this year.