Puppy Picks #2- The Tuffy Ultimate Gear Ring


In my first Puppy Pick post, I sure didn’t shy away for my love of the KONG! Well, today I’m sharing another of my favorites!

My second Puppy Pick is from the Tuffie Toy Company!  This beauty is called the Ultimate Gear Ring and the pattern is red paws.  When I brought this home, Bella immediately fell in love with it!  Tossing this across the room like a frisbee was her absolute favorite way to play with this toy!  As an added it bonus it has 4 squeakers, is machine washable, and it floats, so your dog can use it in the house or at the lake.


Because Bella hates strongly dislikes squeakers, she was on a mission to find them and disable them.  Luckily, this toy rates a 9 on the Tuff scale and it took her months to destroy- Which she eventually did, and then I promptly tossed the toy in the trash.


There were a few mishaps with the toy.

Sometimes her foot got caught, causing her to hop around the family room like a bunny- so entertaining!


and this was the funniest thing…


I would buy this toy again….maybe if she’s good, Santa will bring her another one for Christmas!

You can order the toy HERE, or go to Petco and pick one up!


  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Grandma would have fixed it, you know! =)