Week in Review- October 24th, 2014


Well, it has certainly been all about Minnie Moo this week!  (Minnie is my 5 pound yorkie.) This little critter had such a bad skin infection that she was ordered by a vet to buy a either a “cone of shame” or a t-shirt, so she wouldn’t lick the wounds.  Let me tell you, it was hard to find a t-shirt this time of the year!  We found be-dazzled sweaters and leather jackets…but no t-shirts.  I became frantic while shopping in Petco and fortunately wandered into the cat section.  There it was…a t-shirt, but there was a problem…it said this….IMG_1462

So, for 3 days, she wore this beauty and I can’t tell you how many times we told her “Happy Birthday!!” (Her b-day is in June) It’s kinda been the joke of the week in our family!!!  I’m happy to report that she is officially on the mend and is OUT of the t-shirt.

It’s a good thing that she’s out of that shirt, because if you’re a fashion model, you don’t want to be seen in the same outfit twice.  Minnie was on TV this week!!  I had entered a photo of her on our Wisconsin Humane Society website.  Out of 2500 photos, hers made the top 13 and she will be IN THE CALENDAR!!! Here’s her television debut…She’s #11!  All of the pictures are absolutely darling~


Meanwhile, here’s how she celebrated her 3 minutes of fame…big whoop!


Here’s the close up pic that I sent in….no special camera,  I shot the picture through the patio door glass and no photo shop to hide her wrinkles and whiten her teeth! Did I mention that I LOVE her??  She’d better be cute, I just shelled out $600 in vet bills this week! OUCH!


After all of the stressfulness of the vet visit, I decided to pamper myself and get my nails done.  Just look at all of the choices for color!  I was in a purplish mood, so I went with it!!


I used these 2 colors….Rock Royalty & Dazzling Dance!


Sweet Pea brought her nail polish colors from home and did her nails while sitting right next to me.  I thought they turned out Fantabulous!!


She may be all girlie and such, but just look how she can throw down some PASTA!


See you next week when I’ll be sharing my Fall Favorites 2014!!

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  1. Congratulation to Miss Minnie!

  2. Sue Mackey says:

    Well, I guess I neglected to wish Min “Happy Birthday! So funny. I loved her T-shirt, even though she wasn’t so fond of it. Sweet Pea is like her Grandma, in that we both love our pasta….=) Both sets of nails look very nice. Your little girlie does a fantastic job with nails. Congratulations on Min winning a place on the calendar. She is so adorable….

  3. Patricia Groth says:

    Great picture of Miss Minnie…..your photography is always great. I especially like your shots of birds.