The Shoe Switcheroo!

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Is it time yet?  I think it is!

Goodbye Summer sandals & flip flops!  It’s time to bring out the Fall clogs and boots!!

My process starts by kindly asking hubby to reach Waaaaaay up on the top shelf to get down the out of season shoes.  He always obliges…it makes him feel like a real stud muffin!  See the bin?


Empty the bin, fill it up again with summer shoes and hoist it back up onto the shelf!

This is when I throw away or donate Summer shoes that are worn out or not working for me!  My goal is to keep enough shoes to all fit into this bin.  Simplify, simplify!


Transfer Fall/Winter shoes into the clear bin.  I need to find some boots!  Any suggestions?


My current shoes live here in my closet


In case you’re wondering, I keep my tennis shoes out year round so they are handy when I want to tromp the treadmill or go for a walk.


Promise you won’t make fun of my microwaveable slippers??



  1. Sue Mackey says:

    I promise! We have a matching pair….but ours are blue! Good job, girlie!

  2. Julie Krause says:

    I’m making this switch myself today! Summer to winter clothes too. Good idea to limit yourself to one bin of shoes per season. I’ll have to try it, but no promises:)