Week in Review- October 3, 2014

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Oh, I don’t know how to feel about this week.  It’s good, it’s bad, and you know we ALWAYS have our awkward moments!

Let’s start out with the Good/Bad.

This girl turned 13….yes 13.  As I just typed that, the thought occurred to me that I now have 3 TEENAGERS under the roof of my house. (Well, one is at college, but  STILL….3!!)

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!


You is KIND, You is SMART and You is IMPORTANT!  (Movie quote)

I’ll admit it, I love her more every day!!

Sweet Pea

This guy went to his school Homecoming dance….didn’t he look dapper??  Please notice his great haircut….I begged him to let me give him a haircut. ( Little bits of hair were still left on my driveway when this picture was taken.)  Please don’t look too closely at the shirt, because in typical guy fashion, he got dressed 15 minutes before our guests arrived and clearly there was no time to iron.

Don’t ya just love guys!!  I’m sure girls his age took ALL DAY to get ready.  I’ll count myself lucky that he is a no fuss, no muss personality and I didn’t have to pay a thing for his outfit!


What I DID pay for was this.

PicMonkey Collage- Homecoming

While we were expecting a much larger crowd, only 2 people showed up.  (This is what happens when you leave it to 15 year old boys to plan!)  I felt good about it though because I fed my family, 2 others and I STILL had 4 pounds of taco meat left that is now sitting in my freezer!  SCORE!

You’ll also be happy to know that we finished off 2 bottles of this hot sauce this week.  Random, I know.


Son #3 was back from college for the first time since school started.  Yep, we saw him for a whole 15 minutes on Friday and 3 hours on Sunday.  Evidently camping and a disc golf tournament up north were the priority.  We enjoyed every minute with him !  When I asked about his camping trip, he mumbled a little bit and said something like ” Good, and he mentioned something about how he ate too many hotdogs this weekend and had hadn’t showered. ” Ewwww, BOYS!!  I’m sure he enjoyed the fact that I made him a nice home cooked meal before he went back to college.


Sweet Pea and I had a fun time browsing our local JCPenney.  We had a lot of laughs- belly laughs, when she tried on some fashion boots.


“Oh, I can walk in these” she proudly exclaimed!  She wobbled, she slipped, and tried her best to keep a straight face AND her balance all at the same time. I didn’t buy her story for 1 minute!!!

She tried on a pair of fancy shoes, you know the kind, the kind you wear to 8th grade graduation and can barely walk in…yeah, it was really awkward.  I don’t which was funnier, the wibbling and wobbling or the shoes paired with the athletic socks.  Yes, we had quite a few belly laughs!


But the MOST awkward thing came when we walked out of the shoe section, turned around and saw this!

“Twinning with the mannequin”

Well, at least I had a head!!


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  1. Julie Krause says:

    hahaha so funny you matched the mannequin. Can’t believe Anna is 13. She’s beautiful!

  2. Sue Mackey says:

    Two bottle of hot sauce???? Two???? =)

    Happy Birthday to my favorite Grand daughter..It seems like yesterday that I held her at a church service and she was just months old. I remember tearing up just looking at that sweet face.

    Don’t ya love how much little time and effort that boys take for those “special occasions”? But then again…..He looks like a “million” bucks.

    Glad son #2 had a great time with his buddies at the disc golf tourney. Haven’t seen him for quite a while. He looks good.

    The shopping trip reminds me of a shopping trip that we went on for some “unmentionables”. I think we were giggling so much, people wondered why we were almost hysterical!!! Fun times….Thanks for sharing….
    Always love your reviews…….