Here’s What We’re Reading! Fall 2014


We’re readers in this house….well, all except for one of us. He seems to be more interested in looking up cars online or reading Auto Trader magazine- hey, that’s reading, right??

Here’s what we’re reading:

Me:  Simplify by Bill Hybels. Let’s be honest here..I’m a sucker for self help books! Bill shares from his personal experience that simplifying your life is possible.  He provides 10 core issues that drive an over scheduled, exhausted, overwhelmed life and helps you live a better way.  “By eradicating clutter from your inner world, you can experience immediate rewards: greater energy, clearer purpose, richer relationships and more.” I’m only on page 19 and I think my new highlighter pen ran out- it’s that good!!

Hubby:  The In-Between by Jeff Goins.  It looks like he’s about half way through this book and is enjoying it. The last book he read (a Theodore Roosevelt book) was about 3 inches thick, so I’m sure he is thrilled that this book only has 164 pages!   The author explains the importance that waiting plays in our lives.  “Can we embrace the extraordinary nature of the ordinary and enjoy the daily mundane – what lies in between the “major” moments?  Learning to live in this tension, to be content in these moments of waiting, may be our greatest struggle- and our greatest opportunity to grow.”

Sweet Pea: Four- A Divergent Collection.  My soon to be teenager is just like the rest of the world, she loves the Divergent series!  Now that school has started, she has less time to read but she MAKES the time for this book.

I love sharing what we’re reading, but  I would love to know what you’re reading!!  Feel free to share in the comments!!


  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Forever Amber…..A
    classic written in 1947…

  2. Laura Francisco says:

    Me – The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst & re-reading Esther by Charles Swindoll

  3. vicki reinke says:

    The mystery of the shemitah by Jonathan Cahn.
    Love your blog!!!! We may have to get together and talk blogs soon!!!
    Great ideas!!