Meet Minnie Moo!


I’m so excited to share with you today!  I want you to meet a “critter” that came to live with us 6 years ago!

This is Minnie!


One day I happened to be on the internet and was searching breeders in Wisconsin (we were contemplating getting a second dog).  I immediately fell in love with the picture of a sweet puppy face on a website.  After some talking and negotiating (wink) my hubby decided that he would be on board with us visiting the breeder and taking a look at her.  It just so happened that the breeder was located 10 minutes from our cottage so it would be convenient to stop by the next weekend because we would be there anyway.  Needless to say, I fell in love and picked her up the next day to take home.  The breeder named her “Velvet” but we decided to change it once she was in our home.

Here is a picture of her parents.  On the left is her Mom, Courtney…she is a 4 pound teacup yorkie.  Santino, the teacup yorkie Daddio, is on the right.  He was scrawny at a mere 3 pounds.  How Minnie got to be 5.5 pounds, I’m not sure, but we just call her “Porkie Yorkie!”PicMonkey Collage-parents

The breeder sent us some other pictures of Minnie before we saw her in person.  Here is one….she was so little that we brought her home in a child’s shoebox.


Here’s a photo of Bella and Minnie meeting for the first time.  Let’s just say that Bella wasn’t quite sure about that critter.  Was it a bunny???  (notice the drool on my pants.)  I was really hoping that they would be best friends and snuggle together when they slept but that hasn’t happened at all in the 6 years we have had her!  They tolerate each other and miss the other one when they are separated though.


Here’s Minnie as a puppy- she hadn’t even had a haircut yet.


The kiddoes started school the day after we brought her home, so she was in the “First Day of School” pictures.  This was September of 2008! Just look how tiny she is!!!


She doesn’t really like bows in her hair or to be dressed up…



but doesn’t she look cute in her purse?? We love her to pieces!!



  1. Sue Mackey says:

    “And I love her”!