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It was a long, cold winter here in Wisconsin.  As a result, these cuties put on a little extra weight. Bella gained 5 pounds and Minnie gained 4 ounces!!


Because our lab, Bella, has hip dysplasia, it’s crucial that her weight is under control so she can be as pain free as possible.  The yorkie, well, she just needs more of a waist so people won’t call her a “porkie yorkie!” Haha!

Our veterinarian suggested replacing half of one of their daily meals with canned green beans.  I’m not kidding when I tell you that they aren’t even missing their subtracted food!  They love their “green beans!”  They’re eating fewer calories and still feeling full.  With a combination of this feeding schedule and more walks at the park, those extra pounds should just melt off!!


beans 2

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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Well, we all love green beans…So glad the fur babies love them, too! And I love that they don’t miss that extra portion of food. Good job, Mommee!

  2. The adieu in the canned free beans isn’t a proble for them?

  3. Sodium that is, not adieu! Stupid autocorrect

    • Hi Raigan! He didn’t say anything about the sodium, but you could always buy the “no salt added” cans!