Week in Review – May 9th, 2014

Last weekend was very exciting!  We moved my son into the apartment he and his new bride will share at the end of the month!  We were so thankful for all of the muscle power and help! The movers (friends) had to be creative moving things up the narrow staircase and even had to take off the door to get the new couch in!


To finish the day, we had dinner at Q-doba.  What seemed like a normal walk through the parking lot, turned into a pleasant surprise.  I walked right by this Mommy Mallard…she was well camouflaged.

PicMonkey Collage-Duck 1

My microwave went on the blink this week.  Ugh!   I never realized how much I used it.  It’s getting repaired today (hopefully!)


** Nerd Alert**

Back at home, we set out our Oriole feeder and within a few days, we had some visitors!  From what I’m hearing, the hummingbirds should be here in a few short weeks!  I never thought I would be such a birdwatcher!


Son #3 is in the thick of golf season.  Thankfully we saw the sun this week and it was more tolerable to play on the course for 2 hours!


and if you need to find Sweet Pea, she’ll be here….until her book is finished!


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