Doggie No No’s…Food

Doggie No no's

Apparently, my dogs are hungry all of the time.  While we eat, they beg, they drool, they whine.  And by the way, aren’t Yorkies supposed to picky and finicky about their food??  It was especially bad over the Holidays. I believe the dogs take advantage of our festive and generous mood and tend to eat more than their share of scraps from the table that we so freely give!

With the variety of food that was being tossed to the dogs, I got to thinking about what was safe to feed them.  I looked up this information on the ASPCA ( website.  These are the foods that are HAZARDOUS to your dog. (a few were a surprise to me) I thought I would share the list.  Here they are in alphabetical order…

  1. Avocado
  2. Bread Dough (raw)
  3. Chocolate, Coffee, Caffeine
  4. Ethanol or any Alcohol
  5. Grapes/Raisins
  6. Hops (used for brewing beer)
  7. Macadamia Nuts
  8. Moldy Food
  9. Onions and Garlic
  10. Xylitol (a non-calorie sweetener)

The website also provided a Poison Control Center phone number for Dogs…


Please feel free to add more foods to the list in the comment section!


  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Very good information!