Winter Favorites 2014 !


Hello friends!  Welcome to another session of my favorites…Winter Favorites for this year, 2014!!

Let’s start out with skin care.  My new favorite face moisturizer this year is…..

Origins- Make a difference Plus+

I chose to switch to a different moisturizer because of the hefty price tag of my absolute favorite one. (see it in my Fall post here.)  On a whim while buying my facial cleanser at Origins, I bought, and  immediately fell in love with this product. The moment I opened the jar and smelled the wonderful citrus, I knew I would be hooked.  This stuff is so concentrated (ya don’t need much,) smells good, and my skin just soaked it up!! The best part?  It’s a fraction of the price of my other moisturizer!


Up next is a lip color that I simply adore. I love it so much that I’ve worn it almost every day for a year! Don’t get me wrong…this is NOT a lipstick that will stay on all day, but what I love is the color!  It’s a nice neutral color that will look good on anyone!  It is L’oreal  #181 (sheer linen)  I purchased mine at my favorite store, Target.


I currently own a Digital SLR camera for those “special moments” or formal photos, but I was looking for a camera that I could easily tote around that would take good photos and also videotape in High Definition.  This camera is a little dynamite!  It’s a perfect size to slide in a pocket in my purse and carry with me all of the time.

Canon Power Shot ELPH 330 HS


This may seem so silly, but I’ve just discovered the BIC Wite-Out Mini!  I remember the good old days when white out came in a bottle with a brush.  This has been a god send for me when I use my planner and make a mistake.  I simply run this tape over the mistake and it blends in with my white page and then I can write right over the mistake!  I’m lovin’ it!  Why didn’t someone tell me about this sooner??


Leave a comment and let me know something you’re lovin’ this Winter!


  1. Kathy Merschman says:

    You’re like me; I have my big, nice camera for special events but wanted a small one that would fit in my purse (& fit in my pocket for, let’s say, a Bon Jovi concert!), so my hub & kids got me a a little Canon similar to yours! Love having it! I may check out your lipstick & cream; I use Clinique’s Black Honey Almost Lipstick every day! It looks dark but isn’t when you put it on; a great neutral for anyone!

  2. I think I’m going to give Origins a try…love the idea of the Citrus smell!


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